South Panola back takes in OM Jr Day

How has South Panola won 5 straight Class 5A State Championships and 75 games in a row?

Talent, that is how.

And this year's crop from the Tiger's squad will be no different, as you could see as many as five seniors sign with D1 programs come next signing day.

One of the standouts off of this talented class is their starting fullback, Reuben Corley.

The 6' 2", 235 pound back had a chance to take in Ole Miss' Jr Day on Saturday.

"I have been over there several times before," added Reuben Corley. "But I did get to learn some new techniques of the game. I also learned how their offense is run. Coaches Vaughn and Nix tried to teach me some new things."

Like what?

"They showed me that their offense is just like ours. They use the run power, and the lead, things like that. The FB kicks out the DE and runs the ball the same way. I liked it a lot. They moved up my list for sure."

Was the trip better, worse, or about what Corley was expecting?

"I liked it a little better because since Coach Nutt came in, it is a little different at how the program is run. It is on lock down, and I like how they run the offense. They taught me some techniques. I loved it over there. Coach showed me a lot of new techniques. Like inside my footwork, how to tuck the ball in, how to run more effectively, keep my feet moving when I am in a pile, how to get out of traps, how to get out of a bad situation, how to run the ball. Man, there is so much they taught me, I can not even remember it all. But the main thing they stressed to me is that when I am tired, never give up and dig deep and keep moving my feet. They kept stressing that."

Corley also had a chance to watch some film on how he would be utilized if he were to sign with Ole Miss.

"We watched some film on Darren McFadden and Peyton Hillis. Peyton is projected to go in like the 2nd round, so that really caught my eye. They split him out wide, let him run the ball, catch the ball out of the backfield, just a lot of things that I love to do. They use their fullbacks in a lot of different ways."

Reuben had a chance to have some one on one time with the new Rebel boss, Houston Nutt.

Reuben Corley

"I had a lot of personal time with Coach Nutt. He said he would like to see me and David Conner over there. I am going to wait until signing day. I have got some school work, and I am trying to win another championship. I am trying to be a leader and stay focused and win another championship. I am just trying to keep my head straight and keep my grades up. I have a 2.6 GPA right now, and I am taking the ACT test for the first time next month, so I am studying real hard for that. We also have our 9 week tests coming up, so I am really keeping my nose in the books right now."

In the past, the South Panola players have stuck together and inked with the same school. This year could be the same.

"Me and David (Conner) really like it over there at Ole Miss. There are so many colleges coming after us. He has Michigan, Ole Miss, Alabama, a lot of great offers. I have Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Louisville, Kentucky, Memphis and some more offers. But we still have another year of high school left before we make up our minds. Right now, our main focus is keeping the team together, and then we will focus on where we want to go to school. But where ever I go, he goes. We are like brothers."

Reuben has two more Jr Days to attend in the coming weeks.

"I am still going up to Louisville and Kentucky on April 3 and 4. My brother lives up there, so I am going to go stay with him. I was suppose to go to MSU's Jr Day on Saturday, but they had it on the same day as Ole Miss'. I wish they would have had it on a different day because I wanted to check them out."

Who is coming after Corley the hardest?

"Everybody who has offered is still coming after me, but I have been talking to Ole Miss a lot lately. I have just really been talking to them lately."

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