Coach Nutt offers Tennessee OL

Will Jackson (OL/TN Knoxville, TN) - The National 300 member could end up at any position on the offensive line.

"Pretty much everybody has told me that I am athletic enough o play any of the positions," added Will Jackson. "I have played LT, RT, LG, RG, and Center, literally. Last year I played left guard, and then half way through the year, I moved over to left tackle. The year before, I played center and left tackle. And my sophomore year, I played right guard and right tackle. I have no preference, to be honest."

What are the 6' 4", 280 pound Farragut product strength's?

"I feel it is my attitude. When I am playing, I go 110% every play. I am always downfield looking for someone to pancake. My motor is constantly going. I love the contact aspect of football. I love to tangle."

Will currently benches 340 pounds, squats 500 and has a 330 pound power clean.

Will Jackson

"But I am always looking to get stronger and faster. I ran a 5.1 forty the last time I was timed, and I want to get that down in the 4.9's before I go to college."

Last season the All-State performer graded out at "89 to 90 percent" and is looking to improve on that mark this year.

"You are always looking for perfection although it is nearly impossible to achieve. But I want to get those numbers in the mid 90's next year, no doubt. My biggest goal is to help us win the Class 5A championship my senior year though. We made it to the quarterfinals last year, so we have some unleft business left to achieve."

Which colleges are looking at Jackson the hardest?

"I have offers from West Virginia, Georgia Tech, Vandy, MTSU, and coach Nutt offered me at Jr Day last Saturday at Ole Miss."

When did the interest in Ole Miss begin?

"As soon as Coach Nutt got hired, I knew about his track record at Arkansas. That sparked my interest. When they signed my teammate, Andre Sterling, that got me really interested, so I went down to Ole Miss last weekend for Jr Day, and I am very interested in Ole Miss now."

How did the offer go down?

"At the end of the visit, me and my dad were called into Coach Nutt's office. Coaches Nutt, Austin (offensive coordinator), and Markuson (offensive line coach) were all in there. Coach Nutt told me that they had a full scholarship for me and thought I would be a great fit."

This was Will's first trip to Oxford. What were his impressions?

"I learned that they have a top notch facilities and a beautiful campus. The campus is awesome and it is a perfect college town. I loved everything about it. I would say that my relationship I formed with the coaches was what stood out the most. They have great coaches. They are straight forward, just top notch. That made a big impact on me. I was expecting great things about Ole Miss even before I went on the trip because Andre (Sterling) has been raving about it, but now I know what he is talking about. The facilities, campus, coaches, it is just a great place."

Which colleges currently stand out for Jackson?

"Pretty much the schools who have offered me, and I am also looking at Tennessee, Alabama, and Auburn pretty hard."

Will talks about each of his favorites.

West Virginia - "Of course, they are definitely a program that knows how to win. You saw what they did to Oklahoma in the bowl."

Vandy "You would be hard press to find a better education than Vandy. And they are just a win here or a win there from going to a bowl each year now. They are on the cusp of really turning that program around."

Ole Miss - "They have great facilities and coaches. I just like everything about Ole Miss right now."

MTSU - They are another program who is on the rise. They also have a great staff."

Tennessee - Obviously, that is my home town school. They have a pretty solid program. They also have awesome facilities and a good coach."

Alabama - They had the top recruiting class in the country last year. Coach Saban is going to turn that thing around."

Auburn - "Coaches Dunn and Nall seem like great guys. You can always count on them to have a great season year in and year out."

Jackson will take in two more unofficial visits this weekend.

"I am going to Auburn's Jr Day today (Saturday) and I am just going over to Tuscaloosa tomorrow with my father to tour the campus and meet with the coaches."

Jackson reports a 3.85 Core GPA / 24 ACT.

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