Rebs eye Brandon tailback

One of Mississippi's quickest backs got a taste of Ole Miss' Jr Day last Saturday and liked what he saw.

"It was great," added Patrick Durr. "It was better than I thought it was going to be. I have been to Mississippi State a few times, but I had never been anywhere else. It was great. The indoor facility is the nicest I have seen, and Coach Nutt was really cool. All the coaches were really cool. I liked the campus and the way they have their academics set up, with their tutoring staff and all."

The facilities really caught the 5' 10", 175 pound tailback's eye.

"The player's lounge stood out the most. I like their whole set up over there. It is all together and new."

Patrick had a chance to learn a little about Ole Miss' history during the trip.

Patrick Durr
"They told us all about Chucky Mullins and Archie Manning. They are the only two jerseys they have retired . They also give out an academic award each year. We learned a lot about their history during the trip. They stressed a lot about their history. It was pretty neat."

Durr had a chance to have some one on one time with the Ole Miss staff before he left.

"I spoke to Derrick Nix about what it would be like if I came up there. He said that I have the speed that they are looking for. He likes what I can do in the open field. He showed me what they did with Darren McFadden and what he did with Jerious Norwood when he was the running back coach in Atlanta. Coach Nix said they get after it during practices and they needed a RB to fit their system."

Norwood, who now plays for the Atlanta Falcons, also played for Brandon High and Mississippi State.

"That caught my attention when Coach Nix told me he coached Norwood in Atlanta. That is why I was looking at MSU because I always wanted to follow in his footsteps. But now I have his coach at Ole Miss, so that has me thinking, but I still have a little more time to think things through."

What else stands out about the Dogs?

"I like their staff, surroundings, and campus. Their coaches are real down to earth. They are really nice. I also have a lot of friends who go to school there."

Which colleges are showing the most interest?

"Tennessee, but it is mainly Ole Miss, Tennessee, USM, and MSU."

What about Southern Miss?

"I have only been down there one time, and I never got a chance to look around, so I do not know much about them yet."

And Tennessee?

"I am going to try and make it to one of their camps this summer."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"It will be about playing time mainly. But really, who ever offers me the best scholarship, and I want to major in Law Enforcement."

Durr rushed for over 1, 200 yards and 13 TD's as a junior despite missing the last three games due to a high ankle sprain.

"I really want to try and make it to the playoffs this year, since I did not get to finish my junior season. That was pretty disappointing. I am not worried about stats though, just winning. I just want to help the team make the playoffs."

Durr ran a 15.08 in the 110 last season in track and also turned in a 44.2 in the 300 hurdles, 23.2 feet in the long jump, and a 44.3 in the triple jump.

Patrick reports a 2.8 GPA.

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