OM's signature signee does not disappoint

The Rebels' highest rated hoops recruit since Justin Reed continued to make progress during his senior campaign.

"We made it to the semifinals (in class 4A) but got beat by three in a heartbreaker," added Terrance Henry. "We finished 35-5 and beat a lot of great teams in not only Louisiana, but Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Texas. We played a great schedule and really played well. As you know, anything can go in a single game elimination tournament. We had a lot going for us. We had most of the team back, plus we picked up Brandon Wilson, so everyone was expecting us to win the championship. We came up a little short, but we showed a lot of leadership this year."

Henry averaged 23 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 blocks a game, and he feels like his concentration was much better this year..

"I got better playing the whole game. Last year, Coach Oney kept telling me that I was taking plays off, and that play could be the difference in the game. This year, I really tried to concentrate when I was tired. I think I ran the floor all of the time this year."'s #60 nationally rated prospect had a showdown with North Crowley's Willie Warren. Henry just happened to play his best game of the year against's #6 nationally rated prospect.

"I had a season high 37 points and 12 rebounds against North Crowley. Playing against Willie just took me to another level. I really wanted to show everyone that I can play against the best. He is the number one shooting guard in the country, and I held him pretty good."

Henry was named the Co-MVP for District 2 (4A) for his play on the court last season but he feels like he moved his game up another notch this year.

"The awards have not come out yet, so I do not know what I am going to get, but I feel like my perimeter game really improved this year. Last year, I played on the perimeter, but I mostly played down low. This year, they let me play mostly on the perimeter and I was a presence out there, especially with my jump shot and ball handling skills. I think I proved that I can go inside or outside with my play this year."

The 6' 9 1/2", 185 pound forward has one goal on mind during the offseason.

"I am doing a lot of weight lifting now that the season is over. Ole Miss wants me to report over 200 pounds. They sent me a work out book, and I am pretty much going by what that book tells me. I am taking a lot of supplements to help me with my weight and strength."

Henry had a chance to come up for the Ole Miss/LSU game.

"I saw that they really like to get it up and down the court. I will have to be in tip top shape to play with them. The game speed is at another level. I have to be able to run with those college guys. I am not worried about my ability, just being in shape. I will also need to work on my strength. That will be the biggest I will need to work on. Everyone in the SEC is so strong."

Having said that, Terrance believes he will bring a lot to the table that Ole Miss is lacking.

"I saw that when they ran their offense, when they get their post players on the wing, the defense backs off because they do not respect their shot. But I do not think they can do that with me because I will hit the 3 on them. I can get up and down the court to help Chris Warren and the rest of the guards out too. I might be 6' 9", but I am a guard in big man's body."

The Carroll standout has a mighty big goal set out for himself for his freshman season at Ole Miss.

"I want to be the Freshman of the Year in the SEC. That is my goal, plain and simple. I know I can do it. I just have to go out there and do it."

Henry tried to critique what the Ole Miss fans can expect.

"I would tell them that I am not going to disappoint them. I know there is a lot of hype surrounding me, but I am not going to disappoint them. I am never going to take a day off, and I am going to show them that I am as good as advertised."

Grades seem to not be a problem.

"I am fully eligible. I already have my needed ACT score and GPA. I will report to Ole Miss on June 4th."

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