Rebels offer Kansas City QB's #104 overall nationally rated prospect had a conversation last night with an old friend.

"I use to go to Arkansas' football camps when Coach (Chris) Vaughn were there," added Nathan Scheelhaase. "I found his cell number last night while I was going through some things. I gave him a call and it went great. I have not talked with him since he switched to Ole Miss. Coach Vaughn has always been one of my favorite coaches. He just seems down to earth, just a really good guy."

Coach Vaughn informed Nathan of some exciting news.

"He told me how nice it was to hear my voice and that it was that time to start recruiting me hard. Coach Vaughn told me that he is coming up here on April 12th to see me. That is when they can start evaluating us in person. He said I was going to be the first person he came and watched play. Then he told me that they had just sent out a scholarship in the mail, and I should be getting it any day."

The Rebel assistant explained the plans they had in store for Nathan should he choose Ole Miss.

"Coach talked about using me in the "Wild Hawg" formation like they did with Darren McFadden last year but also using me in a West Virginia style offense where I can use me feet as well as my arm. My mom got on the phone with him too. She has always thought the world of Coach Vaughn. She got to really get to know him at the (football) camps (at Arkansas). She was really glad to hear from him. Then my father got on the phone and they probably talked for about a half of an hour. I think we are going to go over there on April 5th for their Jr Day. If not then, we are going over there sometime in the Spring."

Who are the other schools that are heavily involved?

"The top schools involved right now, in no particular order, are Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Stanford. Those are the schools I am hearing from the most."

Have all offered?

"Yes sir."

Any additional offers?

"Now Ole Miss, Missouri, Arkansas, Wake Forest, San Diego State, Nebraska, and South Florida."

What stands out about Iowa?

"My father played defensive back for Iowa, so I always feel comfortable in that environment. There are still some coaches there that were there when he played. It is just a good situation for me because I know I am going to be treated in the same regard."

And Oklahoma?

"Obviously, it is a very prestigious school. National wide, they are very highly thought of. My dad played with Bob Stoops, so there is that comfort level with him. He treats me like family, and they just have that knack of winning games. That is something I always look at."

What are Stanford's positives?

"They are one of the top academic schools in the country. It is tough to beat that. But they also keep a winning football tradition to go with their academics. I have also become real close with Coach (Jim) Harbaugh. We talk every week. It is hard to find a head coach who played in the NFL at your position."

What does Nathan like about Kansas?

"I put Kansas and Missouri in the same regard because they both are traditional basketball schools that had breakout football seasons last year. They had a chance to win the national championship deep in the season, and they are both only a few hours from home. I put the same values with both of them."

Where has Scheelhaase visited so far and where does he go next?

"I went to Missouri's Jr Day on February 23rd, Iowa's on February 29th and 30th, and I will go to Oklahoma's Spring game and make a visit over to Ole Miss. There are also a few Big 10 camps I have in mind for the summer. But like today, I talk to Coach Vaughn, and now I am going to go over there. I am sure there will be some more pop up before I have everything set."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors?

"First and foremost, I want to feel comfortable around the community and campus. I am going to spend 4 or 5 years there, and if you are not happy with your surroundings, then you are not going to be happy on the field. The second most important thing to me will be the coaches and their style of play, scheme wise. You have to feel comfortable with the coaches you are going to be around, and you have to make sure the schemes match your strengths. It has to fit me as a player. And lastly, just the opportunity to play. I am not saying I have to come in from day one and start, as I would not mind getting a redshirt, but I want to get a few years under my belt of college football. That is what it is all about, having fun on the field."

Scheelhaase helped lead his team to a State championship and a 13-0 record last season. He completed 86 of 137 passes for 1,861 yards, 20 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. On the ground, Nathan rushed for 917 yards and 14 TD's. Nathan was the first Jr in Kansas City's history to win Mr. Football. He also added Missouri's Gatorade Player of the Year to his lengthy award list.

"What separates me from the rest (of the QB's) is my ability run as well as I pass. I do both equally well. You put 8 in box, and I am going to hit the big one on you. You drop back in the zone, and I am going to run on you. I also have a very good understanding of what the defense is going to do. You have to remember, my father played on the defensive side of the ball, so I have been getting tutored a long/long time on defensive schemes."

If there is one thing Nathan would like to improve on; it would be passing out of the pocket.

"Right now, I just want to work on my basic mechanics and my foot work in the pocket. I do well on the run making plays, but in a pro style offense, I need to work on my accuracy in the pocket. That is the biggest thing I want to work on right now."

Some predict Nathan will end up at defensive back on the next level, but Scheelhaase has one position on his mind.

"I saw where they have me as a defensive back in (scout's) database. Could you please get that changed to a dual quarterback."

Nathan should have no problems qualifying as he carries a 3.7 Core GPA and will take the ACT test in April for the first time.

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