Lone Star QB takes in Ole Miss visit

The 6' 5", 205 pound signal caller out of San Antonio (TX) got a chance to look at his second SEC school in as many weeks recently.

"I went down to Ole Miss on Wednesday and Thursday," said Drew Allen. "It was my first time to see Ole Miss. It was definitely a good visit."

What made it so enjoyable?

"Their staff is amazing. They are all so nice. It is just a real classy group of guys. They are family oriented people for sure. The team unity is real tight too. I could feel that and my family could too. Coach Nutt's reputation is a presence in Oxford. Everyone respects him. We got there a day early and just went out on the square and talked to the people around town about their program and what they thought about their coach. We wanted to get a feel for what the people outside of their program thought. I can honestly say that I did not hear one negative word about Coach Nutt. It is amazing how much support he has within that community. Everyone is just so pumped about Ole Miss football in that town. And lastly, I was real impressed with Coach (Kent) Austin. He wants to throw that ball around, and that is definitely something I like (laugh). It was just a great experience."

Did the trip go about how he thought it would, better, or worse?

"It was above and beyond my expectations. You know how it is when you are not that familiar with the state of Mississippi. You naturally hear all of the bad things about it, but then you find out, it is nothing like what you hear. Nothing at all. And as far as Ole Miss, I was just expecting to come in and say hello. You know, just do your normal unofficial visit tour. Where everyone comes up to you, says hi, nice to meet you, and take you on a tour. But everyone treated me like family as soon as I stepped foot on their campus. They seemed really interested in me. The town is great too. Their fans are so hyped up about their sports at Ole Miss. You can tell they are real hungry down there."

But make no bones about it, one thing stood out over the others.

"The staff, they were just so nice. They were great. Coach Nutt, you can not get any nicer than Coach Nutt. Their staff stood out the most, no doubt. They were just great."

Drew was actually going to come to the University of Mississippi at a later date but had a change of plans.

"I was invited to their Jr Day on March 29th, but I had a track meet that day. I was also invited to a couple more Jr Days for that weekend but I had to turn them down. I was on Spring break last week. I decided to call Coach Austin (at Ole Miss) to see if I could come early. He said you bet, and it turned out to be great."

The Spring tour does not stop at Ole Miss.

"I have already been to to Texas A&M's Jr Day, Auburn's Jr Day, Texas Tech's Jr Day, and April 5th I am going to SMU's Jr Day and then I am going to Scout.com's combine on April 19th."

Which colleges are showing the Alamo Heights product the most interest?

"Probably Wake Forest, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Purdue, Oklahoma State, and Iowa."

Any early offers?

"No sir, but it is not like I am worried about it. It is early, and I have a feeling the right offer will come in sooner or later."

What will Allen look for when it comes decision time?

"Location would probably come in about 4th. Distance is a factor, but not too big of one. I want to go to a passing school like Purdue, SMU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Oklahoma State, and of course Texas Tech. But the most important thing to me is the staff. I have to be able to have a great relationship with their staff. That is huge."

Drew reports a 97.5 GPA / 25 ACT.

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