Rebels offer Bayou RB national 300 member has been busy during the offseason improving his conditioning.

"I have been lifting a lot of weights," added the Eddie Lacy. "I run Monday through Friday during the first hour of school, and then I lift an hour and half when school is let out."

The 6' 0", 210 pound tailback rushed for over 1, 800 yards and 26 TD's as a junior at Dutchtown. He attended the combine in New Orleans last Spring and ran an impressive 4.44 forty while weighing 205 pounds.

"I am a speed and power guy who has good vision for the cutbacks."

Finding a big back with that kind of speed is rare. That is why there are so many college coaches knocking on Eddie's door.

"I just got an offer from Ole Miss yesterday. That is my latest, but I have several offers from schools like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, USM, and LA Tech."

What does Eddie know about his newest offer, Ole Miss?

"I really do not know too much about Ole Miss, but I did watch Darren McFadden a couple of games last year. He was a good running back. I liked the way they put him at QB (under the "Wild Hawg" formation). We do the same thing here. They put me in at QB sometimes. That is unique."

There are several more colleges that are showing Lacy heavy interest.

"I get a lot of letters from Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Notre Dame."

Eddie has only attended one Jr Day so far.

"I went to LSU. It was straight. It was alright. I might go to Florida State's on April 13th."

Two colleges stand at the top of Lacy's list so far.

"I like the way LSU shares the ball. They do not just give it to one person. It is a team effort. And Tennessee has good coaches too. They have a very fundamental team."

The 1st Team All-State selection is not sure which colleges camps he will attend this summer, but when it does come decision time, there will be one major factor he will look at.

"Academics will be the main factor. Football is going to be straight no matter where I go, but I need some good tutors to keep me in my books."

Lacy will attend the combine in New Orleans on April 12th.

Eddie reports at 2.0 GPA / 17 ACT.

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