Bumphis impressed with Ole Miss at Jr Day

One of the Magnolia state's top prospects got a chance to take in Ole Miss' Jr Day on Saturday.

How did the visit go?

"It was real good," added Chad Bumphis. "I got to talk to a lot of the prospects and some of the Ole Miss coaches. This was my first time to get to talk to the Ole Miss coaches face to face, so that was good. It is different on the phone than in person. I thought they were all really nice. They made a good impression with me."

The 5' 10", 180 pound receiver was accompanied by several of his teammates.

"I rode down there with WR Justin Dean and FB Parker Bell, but OL DeAndre O' Neal and OL Chris Bell also went over there. They just rode in a different car."

Ole Miss' Jr Day was a little different than the others he has attended.

"It was just a lot larger. They had a couple hundred players there, and MSU's and Alabama's had 30 to 40 there."

Due to the large field that attended, Brown was caught by surprise that he received as much attention as he did.

"The trip was a little better than I was expecting because I did not think I would get to talk that much with their coaches because there were so many people there. But I got a lot of one on one time with their coaches."

What did the Ole Miss staff say to Chad?

"Coach Vaughn was telling me about how much they liked me, and how they would use me if I came over there. He said they needed some WR's to come down. It was basically about how much they needed me."

The facilities also caught Bumphis' eye.

"Their facilities probably stood out the most to me. I have been over there a few times before, but I never just got a chance to look at all of their football facilities. They are all first class. Their coaches also stood out to me. They were all just so nice, real nice."

Chad also had a chance to visit MSU for Jr Day this month and came away impressed.

"It was nice. I have gone over there for a few games. I basically know all of their coaches, and I really like Coach Croom. Coach Grimes said they were really interested in me."

The Tupelo standout had a chance to talk to the MSU coaches on Friday.

"I went over there Friday because we had a track meet in Starkville. I went by and spoke with Coaches Grimes and Croom before they had practice. Coach Croom said they were losing all three of their WR's, and I would have a chance to come in and compete for a job. That is good. Coach Grimes wanted to make sure I was still interested in MSU after Chris Garrett decommitted (and committed to LSU). I told him and Coach Croom that I was still very much interested (in MSU). I mean, I would not mind playing with Chris, but I have to do what is best for me, not him."

Bumphis also visited Alabama for one of their Jr Days.

"It was nice too. I spoke to Coach Davis and Saban. They just told me how much they liked me on film. When I went down there, they had not offered me yet. They offered me the week after I left, but they showed me around and stuff."

Has Chad had a chance to study the offenses of the schools that he is interested in?

"Yes sir, like I said, Coach Croom thinks I have a chance to compete for a job next year. Alabama had a real good recruiting class, so I am not sure what is going to happen there. And I had to leave before the Ole Miss scrimmage yesterday so I still do not know about their situation yet."

What other schools are in the picture?

"I spoke with the offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach at Florida. They offered me, and said they liked me on film. They are losing their two starting receivers next year, and they think Percy Harvin is leaving early, so their spots are going to be wide open. They pass so much, so they are always in need of WR's."


"I also got a chance to speak to one of the Tennessee coaches, and he said they will do what ever it takes to sign me. They just want me on their team. But I do not know what their situation is (with their offense). I also spoke to one of the coaches at Texas Tech. They always need a lot of WR's because they throw it so much. They said as soon as I get in, I will have a lot of opportunities to get the ball."

Anymore spring visits on tap?

"I do not know yet. I have to take the ACT on April 12th, and I will just have to see after that. As far as camps, I am just going to go to a bunch of passing camps."

Chad caught 37 passes for 731 yards and 12 TD's as a junior.

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