Roberts takes in Jr Day at OM

One of the top linebackers in the state of Georgia had a chance to stop in for Ole Miss' Jr Day on Saturday.

Why did he decide to travel over to Mississippi for the visit?

"They were the first school to offer me," added Stephen Roberts. "And their defensive coordinator (Tyrone Nix) is good friends with my head coach, so I have gotten to know him pretty well."

This was Stephen's first chance to visit the Oxford campus. Did anyone accompany him?

"Yea, the whole clan came with me (laughing). My brother, sisters, mother, father, everybody. We loaded the car down and headed over to Mississippi."

What was their first impression?

Stephen Roberts
"I liked it. My parents liked it, but we are just waiting to see if I get anymore scholarship offers before I make my decision. But I learned a lot of new things about Ole Miss. They are really on top of their academics. They want their student athletes to succeed in the classroom before athletics. You know that really impressed my parents (laughing)."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss for the Starrs Mills product?

"I just liked the coach's southern hospitality. They are real down to earth and know a lot of football. They care about you not just on the football field but also in the classroom."

Coach Nix's relationship with The 6' 3", 215 pound linebacker is also important.

"We talk a lot on the phone. He makes you work hard and wants to push you, which will not only make you a better player, it will make the team better. He has a great coaching pedigree. I think he is one of the best defensive coaches around."

Before Stephen came on the trip to Ole Miss; what were the issues he was going to key in on during his visit and what did he learn about those issues?

"I wanted to see about their academics, and like I said, I found out they check the kids every day to see what they are doing. They work you hard to keep you up on your tasks."

Roberts had a chance to take in the Ole Miss scrimmage before leaving the campus and came away with these observations.

"They have decent linebackers. They are not the fastest or biggest, but they are hard workers. They get the job done. They know how to read the ball. I think I might have a chance to play as a freshman, but at the same time, I will not have a burden on me to be the leader as a freshman. I can just come in and adapt to the system, and then my sophomore year, really take on a leadership role."

The Fayettville (GA) resident is also receiving some heavy interest from several more schools around the South.

"I am getting recruited pretty hard by Central Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, East Carolina, Auburn, Purdue, and Duke."

Who else would Roberts like to check out?

"Out of all of those schools, I would like to see Auburn the most, but I would also like to see what Alabama has to offer."

What stands out about Auburn?

"I just like the atmosphere around there. They have a nice atmosphere. It is not too big or too small. I have been there for a couple of football games. I just like how it is set up over there."

And Alabama?

"I have never been to Alabama, but I have been thinking about going on a visit. They want me to come over there to Jr Day."

The outside linebacker recorded 97 tackles and 8 sacks as a junior. He has a wingspan of someone that is 6' 7".

"I think I have a good pursuit after the ball, and I think I can play some pretty good pass coverage."

Stephen reports a 4.62 forty and a 3.0 GPA.

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