Moore talks about his Ole Miss visit

The 6' 2", 205 pound QB out of Louisville (MS) is one of the more exciting players to watch on the field. He can do it all, run, throw, and be a team leader as evidence by leading his team to its first state championship in many/many years.

"That is what I am most proud of, that ring," stated the always personable and confident Clayton Moore. "I just like bringing that pride back to Louisville. We have been on Cloud 9 ever since (we won the state championship)."

Clayton had over 4, 000 yards of offense and 42 TD's as a junior, but there is only one goal for his senior season.

"Back to back. That is our motto during the offseason. We just want to win one more before we leave here."

Moore will graduate in December so he is already thinking about where he will spend his next four to five years. One of the schools he interested in, Ole Miss, he had a chance to visit on Wednesday.

"We went by Rebel Rags, and we bought Dalton (son of a close family friend) a hat. After that we went over to meet the coaches. I met with Derrick (Nix) who is recruiting me. He met us at the front desk. Derrick brought us around and introduced us to Coach Vaughn, who is their DB coach. I really liked Coach Vaughn a lot. Then we met his older brother, Tyrone Nix, who is their defensive coordinator. They are really talkative. They were happy to see us. They were real friendly. Derrick talked to us for a while and then Coaches Nutt (head coach) and Austin (offensive coordinator) came into the room. Everyone left but those two and we just had a talk. After that, we went out for their practice."

What was discussed between the head coach and offensive coordinator for Ole Miss?

"Nothing new. We just talked about how they wanted to get me to their camp to see me live. That is the only thing about recruiting we talked about."

Will Clayton attend the Ole Miss camp?

"Most definitely. I have been waiting a long time to show them what I got. I look forward to it, June 2nd."

Moore has now been to Ole Miss four times since the season was let out. Did he have any questions that he wanted answered when he came on this trip?

"Not really questions. I know what I have to do to get that scholarship. I just have to perform well at their camp and everyday during Spring training."

Is Clayton disappointed that he has not received an offer from Ole Miss yet?

"QB is the most important position on the field. A few schools will go out and offer 7 or 8 QB's early so they can get one. Some other schools will take a longer approach to make sure they get the right one. If you think about it, it is hard to offer someone off of their highlights alone. Like Coach Austin said, he wants to see what I do on 3rd and 10 or in the 2 minute drill. Really, if I were a coach, I would want to see how they did in person too."

This was Clayton's first chance to watch Coach Austin at work during a practice. What were his thoughts?

"He preaches fundamentals. He kept getting on his QB's about their footwork. I thought their QB's looked real good. (Jevan) Snead threw the ball real well. He did a lot of things that looked good. I think Coach Austin is a great coach."

What did he think about Coach Nutt?

Clayton Moore
"I have only been to a couple of of college practices before. I went over to MSU last year and over to Ole Miss' when Coach Orgeron was there. I guess what I noticed about Coach Nutt was how involved he was in their practices. Coach Croom was really not that involved, but maybe he was just busy that day. But Coach Nutt, he is very hands on with everything that is going on out there. You could tell that their players were really listening to what he was saying though."

Where does Ole Miss now stand with Clayton?

"They are definitely a school I would love to attend. They have always been one of my favorites. It is close to home. I am just waiting on a chance to perform in front of them and hopefully I get that offer so we can go from there."

For now, Moore holds offers from Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, USM, Indiana, New Mexico State, and Virginia Tech was the latest to throw their name in the hat.

"I spoke with Coach O' Cain about a week ago. He told me that he had two instate QB's that they were looking at then. One of them committed to West Virginia, and the other one they were not sure they were going to get. They had to wait to show my film on Tuesday, and they liked it. They gave me a verbal offer and said they would make it official when I came up there and met Coach Beamer face to face."

That face to face meeting could happen as early as Sunday.

"Hopefully this Sunday we are going up there, but that might fall through. If I do not go, he is coming down here in two weeks to see me at practice. But we are going to try and go up there after I have my Army All-American interview on Sunday."

What stands out about the Hokies?

"It is just a great school, definitely a top college. They are a great program. They have so much tradition and history. Everything I hear about their campus has been positive, so I am really excited to check it out."

Who else is in the picture?

"All 13 schools who have offered me are about the same. They all show me the same amount of interest, except for USM. I talk to Coach Fedora a lot, but you expect that out of an instate team. I am interested in all 13 equally right now."

Talk about USM.

"They just signed a 5 star WR (DeAndre Brown). That always makes a QB smile. That is a huge plus. I think Coach Fedora is going to do a great job down there. He kind of has that cockiness to him, a good cocky, not bad. Every coach needs to have that kind of confidence. It is a smaller campus than Ole Miss or MSU, but it is still a great school. Their offense is the same one that we run at my school too."

Which coaches does Moore keep in phone contact with?

"All of them. Everyone that has offered tells me to call them once a week or maybe every other week, so I do. I keep in touch with everyone that has offered me."

Where all has Clayton been to so far and where will he go after Virginia Tech?

"I went to Alabama and USM's Jr Days and Ole Miss a few times. As far as going places, I do not really know. I like to travel a little bit to see what the schools have to offer, but I also would like to stay close home. I have always liked the SEC. If it is not the best conference, it is one of the best."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors?

"First, the depth chart. I want to go to a place where maybe I could redshirt for a year to grow physically and mentally, but I want to play. Another thing will be my relationship with the recruiter and my QB coach. If I do not get a long with them, it does not matter how much I like the school, I will not be happy. Lastly, I would like to go to a school that has been to some BCS bowls, but like someone else told me, look at what Chase Daniels did for Missouri. They were a nobody and now look at them. If you are good enough, you should be able to take your team to a BCS bowl."

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