Bastrop DE likes what he sees at OM practice

Bastrop (LA) has become one of the South's true powerhouses over the past decade. They have sent countless players each year to the BCS conferences and this year will be no different.

One of the stars off of the defense that has led the state in total yardage the past three seasons is De'Quinta Jones.

The 6' 3", 260 pound defensive end was second on his team in tackles last season with 81.

De'Quinta Jones

"The season went pretty good," added D.D. Jones. "I was not here on the 2005 team. We consolidated that year, but I have been here the past two years we have won the state championship. The team is going for four in a row this year. It is a good feeling."

What are Jones' strengths on the field?

"I feel when I come off the ball, nobody can mess with me. I play hard every snap. I just let the game come to me."

De'Quinta had a chance to visit Ole Miss Wednesday with teammates WR Rueben Randle and RB Dwight Hawkins. How did the visit go?

"I didn't think it was going to be all that before we went, but it is so nice up there. I liked it a lot. I just did not know much about them before, but after I took that visit, it is a very good school. It is a place I got my mind on now, but I have not made up any final choices."

What stood out?

"I liked the facilities, game field, and how the practices are run. They also stress academics over there."

Jones also had a chance to take in a couple more Spring visits.

"I went over to Alabama, LSU, and MSU to see them practice."

What stood out about MSU?

"I liked the facilities there too. It is basically the same with all them. I also liked the MSU campus, how everything is together. It is not spread out, real small, easy to get to class to class."

And Alabama?

"I like how it is up there. I like basically the same things about Alabama as I do Ole Miss and MSU."

Does LSU have a leg up on the competition?

"I think they have the best facilities out of all of the schools I have visited. It is just real nice up there, real nice."

What will be the important factors when it comes decision time?

"Basically the academics. I want to try and pick a school where I know I can finish my work and get a degree. Football will take care of itself."

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