The next Deuce McAllister?

The Ole Miss nation has not had this much anticipation for a running back to arrive to their campus since the Morton (MS) resident, Dulymus Jenod McAllister, entered their program in 1997.

"It kind of all hit me when I got to the Grove Saturday morning and I saw a little boy wearing my jersey," said the very personable Enrique Davis. "I saw another kid running around with Deuce's jersey on and we both wear #22. I just hope I can live up to his name."'s #1 ranked prep school prospect for the 2008 class, regardless of position, signed with Ole Miss in February which surprised many. But that is because they did not know about the bond that Enrique had built with Coach Houston Nutt.

"He is like my second father. We had that bond like no other. We just clicked from the first time we met. He cares about you as a person, not as the player. I knew that I would be in great hands if I put myself under his wings."

Enrique arrived in Oxford on Saturday morning and traveled back to Hargrave Monday night. What new did he learn about Ole Miss during this trip?

"Well, I had only been over there once before. That was for my official visit, and it was so hectic that weekend. This time I got to actually see the team play. I saw how they run the ball. I was real impressed with their running game. I got to actually hang out with the players this time too. I really got close with those guys. I feel like the team is like a big family. That is very important to me, to be around a family environment."

Davis was accompanied on the trip by several of his teammates and signees.

"I came down with LB Marcus Jenkins. He is going to be a late signee for Ole Miss too. I got to see S Jared Mitchell and CB Julian Whitehead. Rudy Wilson was there too, so it was like a big Hargrave reunion. I also got a chance to hang out with a few of their players who went to Hargrave like Peria Jerry, John Jerry, and Jerrell Powe. All of us just talked about our days at Hargrave and what all we did. We feel like we are about to wake a sleeping giant at Ole Miss."

The fans at Ole Miss really made an impression with the future Rebels tailback.

"The fan's hospitality was great. They really stood out to me. They are just so excited about us coming in and turning the program around. I also got real close with Cordera Eason and Derrick Davis. They treated me like a brother, like I was around my boys from home. I thought that was really cool because we are all going to be competing against each other in a few months. I think it is great that there is no jealousy. They are all about helping the team out. But that is why I signed with Ole Miss. Anywhere Coach Nutt is the man, you know it is just going to be that way. That is just the type of person he is about."

Did Davis get a chance to get to know the rest of the staff at Ole Miss?

"I did. I met them all and just hung out with them and talked about everything in life from my family, grades, sports, God, just everything you can think of. They are all so down to earth. They have a great staff. When I took my official visit to Ole Miss and met those guys, I knew then I was coming to Ole Miss. They all bring something different to the table. I am just glad that I am playing with a staff like this."

What about the scrimmage?

Enrique Davis

"I thought everything was good. The WR's played good. I was real impressed with Shay Hodge and Dexter McCluster is electrifying. The OL played good, and I know they were missing a couple of their key guys. I was very impressed with Eason breaking those runs and how the OL blocked for him. I was very excited about that. I feel I can bring something different to the table for the team, and I feel like Coach Nutt is going to make me that much better of a player. "

What does the 6' 1", 220 pound tailback bring to the table?

"I feel I am an all around player. I am not being cocky because there is always room for improvement. I have 4.3 speed so I can get around you, but I also have the ability to shake you or put my shoulder down and run over you. I have that breakaway speed to go all the way, but I can also protect the QB. You have to be able to block to be a complete back. If you want to get to the league, you better be able to protect your QB."

What was the Lynn Haven (FL) native thoughts on Jevan Snead?

"If I could describe him in one word it would be "Amazing". I am just excited to play on the same team as him. You have a QB who can put it in the WR hands when the run game is not working. That is why I think Ole Miss is going to go far next year. If something is not there, we will just go to something else. We have so many weapons."

Would Enrique like to be used like Darren McFadden was at Arkansas in the Hawg Wild set?

"I think that is pretty much Dexter's job next year. But if Coach Nutt decides to put me in there, I am ready to play it, but I will play what ever role he wants me to play."

Has Davis set any personal goals for his freshman season?

"My goal, of course, is to be an immediate impact player for Ole Miss and help lead us to as many wins as we can next year. Even though I will only be a freshman, I want to take on a leadership role. That is why I collected as many phone numbers as I possibly could before I left. I want to really build a bond with as many of my teammates before I get there. I have to earn there respect first, but that will be no problem because I am going to give it my all when I get over there."

When will Davis arrive?

"I think the date is May 31st. I am definitely on track to graduate in May. I have great grades, and I already have my test score. I just have to finish up my classes and I am on my way. Coming to Hargrave helped me out so much in getting the proper study habits, and I know it is going to carry over all throughout college. That is what me and the Jerry brothers and Powe were talking about. They said that Hargrave taught them how to study, and if it were not for Hargrave, they probably would not have been able to stay in school. It was a blessing in disguise that I ended up here before I went to college."

What did Coach Nutt tell Enrique before he left?

"He basically told me that I can help them out, but it was not going to be easy to get that starting spot. Cordera is such a great back, but I like to have competition because that just makes everyone that much better. Plus, you can not go into the season with only one back. You need at least two to three to make it through a season, so I am pumped about there being some other guys to help carry us through. I just can not wait to get over there in June and get started. I am counting down the days."

And so is the Rebel nation!

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