South Panola back takes in Grove Bowl

The 6' 2", 230 pound bruising back from South Panola was set to visit two universities in early April that offered him early in the recruiting process but those trips were put on hold.

"My brother was suppose to come down to pick me up, so I could go stay with him in Louisville (KY), where he lives," added Reuben Corley. "But he could not find anyone to keep his son while he made the drive, so I had to reschedule my visits to Kentucky and Louisville. I am going up there in May sometime, but I do not have a specific date yet."

Reuben Corley
Corley did get a chance to ride over with his head coach to Oxford this past Saturday to see Ole Miss play in the Grove Bowl.

"It was real fun. I got to hang out with Chris Strong and watch the game. I saw Jamarca Samford get a lot of tackles. He showed us his best. John (Jerry) did not get to play in the game because he was hurt. Peria (Jerry) did not play either. But Strong did his thing on the DL. He looked real good I thought. I did not get a chance to talk with Coach Nutt, but I did get to talk with Coaches Vaughn and (Derrick) Nix. They show me a lot of love over there, a lot of love. They make me feel at home when ever I go over there."

What new did Corley learn about the Rebels on this trip?

"I see that their FB plays a larger role than what I was expecting. They throw it to their FB's a lot. I was saying to myself, I can fit in with this offense. They use their FB's a lot, so I would fit in nicely in that offense. This year they have me playing some FB, NG, and DE. They got me playing everywhere. I should be starting on both sides of the ball this year. It is going to be fun."

The Memphis Tigers continue to have the most contact with the All-State fullback.

"I have just been talking to Memphis on the phone lately. I have not been talking to anybody else, phone wise. I just call Coach Joseph. He can't call me yet, so I always call him. He is trying to get me up there to Memphis."

Has Reuben decided on the camps he will attend this summer?

"I think I am going to LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, and definitely Alabama with Jeramie Griffin over there. That's my boy."

Which colleges are showing the most interest right now?

"Ole Miss, Kentucky, and LSU. Miami and Auburn are also showing me a lot of love. And you know Memphis is showing a whole lot of love."

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