Magnolia lineman likes what he sees at OM

The 6' 5 1/2", 250 pound lineman showed up at the Ole Miss Jr Day last month as a relatively unknown prospect.

"I go to Indianola Aca so we do not exactly get a whole lot of pub around the state," stated a joking Jonathan Henderson. "But hopefully that is about to change. We should be contending for state this year."

Jonathan Henderson
It is hard to imagine this recruit getting so little attention from the media as he showed up chiseled and is already benching 425 pounds.

"I want to get my bench up to 450 by the start of the season, and I also want to get my squat up to 600 pounds."

The Itta Benna resident was named All-Conference on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. He was also named the Conference's Best DL which also pits Clarksdale Aca's Anthony Steen.

"Me and Anthony have been going at it for a while. He is definitely the best player I have competed with or against. Anthony is going to be a great college player."

Strength is not the only aspect that Henderson excels in.

"I was timed at a 4.87 the last time I ran the 40 yard dash. I want to get that down to a 4.7. That is what I am shooting for at the camps this summer."

To say that Jonathan dominates on the academy level is an understatement.

"My strengths are coming off the ball hard. I have a good motor. I use my hands well. I drive them back 5 yards to get a good hold and seal them off. We like to run the ball behind me because I am always the first one to come off of the ball and drive them downfield. I am always looking to seal my man."

Although Henderson considers himself a great offensive lineman, that does not mean he considers that position his best.

"I am pretty even on both sides. It is hard to say where I am better at. It is pretty close."

But the colleges seem to have a one sided opinion on that matter.

"They like me at offensive tackle. That is what Ole Miss is interested in me. They like how I play offensive tackle. I have not heard from any schools who want me on defense, but I will play where ever they want me to play."

Who are the main colleges looking at Henderson?

"Mainly Ole Miss. They are the most interested. But I am getting a lot of interest from Alabama, USM, MSU, Florida, and Vandy too. They write a lot."

How did the Rebels find Jonathan?

"I sent in a highlight tape to Ole Miss on a Monday and they contacted my coach on Thursday saying they loved my film and wanted me to come down to their Jr Day. I went over and looked around."

Jonathan came back for a second visit for the Grove Bowl.

"I liked it so much at Jr Day that I wanted to come back. The coaches wanted me to come back over to talk with me. I love their coaches and the way they are changing their attitude. They have a winning attitude now. I like their facilities, but I mainly like their winning attitude. I have a lot of interest in Ole Miss, and they have a lot of interest in me. Hopefully I will get an offer from them pretty soon."

What has Ole Miss said about the scholarship situation?

"They told me they liked what they have seen of me on tape. They want to put some weight on me. They said they were extremely interested in me. Coach Markuson and (Derrick) Nix are going to come over to watch me practice next week. They said they wanted to see me play in person before they make an offer, so they can see what I have."

If an offer does come?

"Man, they would be tough to beat. I just love the attitude that the coaches have. They are going to turn it around. They have made the environment really fun to be around. I think they are going to really win big. I like the facilities and academic support too. The coaches are just really good over there. They are real impressive."

Anymore visits on tap?

"Not yet, but that could change any day."

Where all where Jonathan camp at this summer?

"Well, I am going to y'alls combine (Under Armour/Scout S' East Select at Auburn) on April 27th and then I am going to Ole Miss' 3 Day camp on June 8th, MSU's OL/DL camp in early July, and Alabama Overnight camp in July for 3 or 4 Days. Those schools are showing me the most interest."

What stands out about MSU??

"I do not know. I am just trying to get some exposure. I have not visited MSU or Alabama yet. I just want to look around to see what they have to offer to see what is best for me, but right now I am impressed with what Ole Miss has to offer."

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