Ferbia Allen will play TE at Ole Miss

The Rebels had several signees attend their Grove Bowl last Saturday and one of them came from the 6' 5", 235 pound Pine Bluff (Ark) signee.

"It was a great experience for me," added Ferbia Allen. "I had never gone to one of Ole Miss' scrimmages before, so it really gave me a chance to see what it is going to be like. There were a lot of people there. That kind of surprised me. Their fans are real hungry to see a winner. I know that."

What new did Ferbia learn about how Ole Miss during the trip?

Ferbia Allen
"I always knew they had a good team, but they are opening up their offense now, and you can tell that their team is like one big family. The attitude has changed since Coach Nutt took over. That was the thing that stood out to me. I watched Ole Miss a lot on TV the last few years. They always had the players, but the attitude was not like it is now. And they were more conservative then than they are now. It is a lot more diverse on offense now."

What stood out during the scrimmage?

"I love contact, so that was the biggest part to me. I am just trying to learn the plays. The contact part will be natural for me. I am really excited about playing for a real physical team. That is what I do best."

There were some questions as to which position Allen would land at when he arrived. Has that picture become any clearer?

"Yes sir, I think they are leaning towards putting me at TE."

What did Allen learn by watching the TE's?

"I saw that they could catch the ball. They do a real good job of catching the ball. I see they have some talent at TE. That's for sure. I have my work cut out for me."

What will Ferbia need to do in the offseason to give himself the best opportunity to get into the TE rotation next season?

"I just need to keep doing what I am doing. I need to keep lifting weights so when I get up there, I can work on the depth chart."

What improvements does Allen need to work on the most?

"Probably my strength and speed. My hands are already there, but you can always get bigger and faster."

What feels natural for Ferbia when he is lined up at the tight end position?

"Well, first of all, I have played tight end my whole life. It is not like this will be anything new for me. I have gone both ways (DE/TE) my whole career. I think catching the ball is what I do best, and I have really good speed for someone that is 6' 5", 235 pounds."

What did the Ole Miss staff say to Ferbia before he left campus?

"They said they are waiting on me to get up there, and that my body looks good. They just can't wait to get me up there, basically. I can't wait to get over there either. I am working out with a speed trainer right now, just getting my body in top shape. When I report, I am going to work on the depth chart as quickly as I can. I am not showing up with redshirting on my mind."

Ferbia finished his senior season with 75 tackles, 14 sacks at defensive end and had over 500 receiving yards and 5 TD's at TE.

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