Mississippi Top 40

Today we will look at the #37 rated prospect in the state of Mississippi.



#37 Ranked Player in Mississippi

Name - Tracey Lampley
School - Wayne County
Vitals - 5' 7", 175, 4.4 (40 yard dash), 225 (bench) 325 (squat)
Nickname - Pound
Date of Birth - July 19, 1990

2006 Season - Which sophomore led the high classifications (5A/4A) in rushing yards in 2006? The answer would be Wayne County's pint sized tailback, Tracy Lampley, as he rushed for 1, 340 yards and 22 TD's. Even more importantly, he led his team to the Class 4A State Championship.

2007 Season - Rushed for 1, 248 yards and 14 TD's.

Why Top 40 - "Tracey is pound for pound one of the best that has ever come through this program," added Wayne County head coach, Marcus Boyles. "Pound has gotten a little bigger and taller since he got here. He has had three very productive years here. He is extremely quick and has great vision. If Tracey were a little taller, he would be one of the more sought after players in the state. But do not let his size fool you, the kid can flat out play."

"I play hard," added Tracey Lampley. "I am intense and play with passion. I play with determination and the will to win."

Colleges interested in Harris: Auburn, Tennessee, MSU, USM, Michigan, Illinois, LSU, La Tech, S' East LA, La Tech

Tracey's top school: "I do not really have any top schools. I want to wait until after the season is over, see who all is recruiting me, and go from there."

Scholarship offers: MSU and USM

Jr Days: MSU and USM

MSU : "They are changing their offense all around. They plan to go to the spread attack and get me in open spaces. That is what I like about MSU."

USM : "Their offense is like ours. They use the no huddle, fast paced, where they can get me into the open spaces. I really like their offense a lot."

Closest to next scholarship offer: "I want to say Ole Miss because they are in my area, from Mississippi."

Camps this summer: Auburn, MSU, Tennessee

Tell us something nobody else knows: "Everybody knows just about everything there is to know about me. I wear it all on my sleeves."

Best Player faced:
Alonzo Lawrence

If not Tracey Lampley, who'll be Mr. Football for 2008: Tyler Russell

Game I'm anticipating: Louisville and Meridian

Other athletes in my family: Kenisha Lampley (Aunt) and Tracey Lampley Sr (father)

Favorite college team growing up: USC

Favorite football player:
Reggie Bush

Favorite Pro Team: New Orleans Saints

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Movie:
Remember the Titans

In my CD Player: Lil' Boosie

Pre-game hype song: Eye of the Tiger

Biggest Influences: God

Biggest Fan: Family

Biggest Fear: Snakes

2nd Best Sport: Basketball

Favorite Video Game: Play Station

Person I look most a like: Reggie Bush

First thing if I sign pro contract: Give back to the church and take care of myself and my family

Dream date: Ashanti

Grades : 2.5 GPA / 15 ACT

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