Boyd headed to Under Armour/ combine

The 6' 4", 280 pound defensive tackle terrorized opponents last year for 154 tackles, 28 for losses, 4 sacks, 4 blocked punts, and 2 field goal blocks.

Josh Boyd has decided to test those skills against 150 of the South's top prospects at the Under Armour S' East Select camp that is being held at Auburn on Sunday.

"Me, Clayton Moore, Dennis Thames, and Pat Patterson are going to ride over there together," added Josh Boyd. "We are ready to represent Mississippi, show them what we are all about."

The four N' East Mississippi prospects are some of the more coveted players in not only Mississippi but the South.

"We have some pretty good players in this area. That is for sure," added Boyd. "We always have players from around here. This year we just seem to be getting more attention than normal. But we always have great players from this area."

Colleges are allowed one phone call in the Spring, and so far, Boyd has a couple of calls.

"LSU called and offered me a scholarship. That is about it, as far as colleges who have called. USM has called too."

When did the Tigers become interested in Boyd?

"They just saw some film on me. They sent over their defensive line coach to our school to watch me practice. I guess they liked what they saw."

What did Southern Mississippi say?

"Their defensive coordinator called. He just told me that he would be at practice and wanted to check up on me."

LSU's offer just adds to an impressive list.

"So far, I have offers from Michigan, LSU, Tennessee, Florida State, Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, MSU, USM, Troy State, and Arkansas State."

Have anymore colleges attended Boyd's practices?

"Not that I know of."

Which coaches have made the biggest impact with Josh?

"Well, I have spoken to Coaches Croom and Saban. They are pretty nice. They are decent guys. I talked to the USM head coach too. All three of them are pretty good."

Which colleges have caught Josh's eye?

"I suppose LSU. I do not have a leader or anything, but they have kind of caught my eye. MSU and Tennessee have caught my eye too. Tennessee's offer came out of the blue. I was kind of shocked they offered me."

Which camps does Josh plan on attending this summer?

"I am going to try and get everywhere I can. I can not say for sure which schools I will camp at yet. I just want to get around to all of the schools who have offered me. I want to check them all out."

Which campuses has Josh had a chance to visit so far?

"I have been to USM's Jr Day and Spring game, and I went to MSU's Jr Day. I have a friend at Auburn, and I have visited over there once, and I have been to two games at Alabama."

Where next?

"I want to go check out Ole Miss' and LSU's campuses."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I just want to see every school's campus that has offered me and go with the one that feels most at home."

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