Moore happy with Under Armour performance

One of the South's top quarterbacks is in the middle of baseball season, but that did not stop him from wanting to compete at one of the top camps in the South on Sunday.

In fact, he played in a playoff game Saturday night, packed his car up in the middle of the night and headed off to the Under Armour/Scout S' East Select camp that was held at Auburn on Sunday morning.

"We were pretty tired," added a worn out Clayton Moore on his ride back from Auburn. "I am not going to lie. Me and Dennis (Thames) were going there with one eye open and the other closed. But we got some rest on the ride over there, which helped. It was a great experience. The best part was having Dennis Thames come with me. That was the first time we have ever done something like that together. We had a good time. There were a lot of athletes there."

It was practically a who's who list of quarterbacks at the event as Clayton was accompanied by Zach Mettenberger (GA commit), Raymond Cotton (AU commit), and a trio of Mississippi State commits in Tyler Russell, Cameron Lawrence, and Josh Hollingsworth.

The only problem with Moore is that he has laid off of throwing since last December, due to baseball, while the others were in daily training with various programs.

"I did not go into this with high expectations with myself because I had not been throwing in so long but I wanted to compete. I knew I was going to be real rusty, but I have to admit, I was pleased with my performance. And you have to understand, I am usually my biggest critic. I am never happy with my performances after any camp or game. I am always knit picking myself, but on the ride home, I just thought about everything and I was pleased. I still have a lot of room for improvement though."

Like what?

"First and foremost, I need to work on everything. But if there is one thing I need to work on it is trying to be more accurate with my passes and trying to know when to put touch on the ball and when to not put any air under it. Sometimes I put too much air under the ball trying to be too cute with it. That gets me in trouble because it gives the defensive back more time break on it. That hurt me a couple of times in the season and a couple times today. I had two passes batted down today because I tried to throw the perfect pass instead of letting it rip. I just need to recognize a little quicker when to throw it hard and when to put some air under it."

What did Clayton learn about himself from the event?

"Nothing that I did not already know. I just went out there and competed, I guess. I just love to compete."

Which wide receivers stood out at the camp?

"I am only familiar with the names from the Mississippi players. Chris Smith from Meridian looked real good. He was real impressive. They had Dennis Thames at wide receiver today. He looked good. Dennis is just so fast. Nobody can catch up with him. I am telling you. Mississippi was representing. We only had 6 or so of us there. Me, Cameron (Lawrence), and Tyler (Russell) played qb. Dennis (Thames) and Chris (Smith played receiver. Billy (Autry) and Jonathan (Henderson) were a couple of offensive linemen we brought over. Khari Usher from Meridian looked real good. I had not seen Chris Smith since the last jamboree we had. He has improved a lot. Tyler (Russell) also threw the ball really well, and you will not find a nicer guy than Cameron. We talked a lot. I tell you what, Cameron has gotten a lot bigger since last year too."

Speaking of jamborees, college recruiters and Mississippi sport fans need to write down this date.

"August 22nd, the week before the opening season, we have South Panola and Meridian coming to our house. To say we are excited about them coming down here is an understatement. I am looking forward to this event probably more so than any game I have ever played in. South Panola and Meridian are probably going to be one and two in the preseason polls, and we should be somewhere in the top 10. Meridian has some receiver that is transferring in from somewhere in Alabama, I think, that has offers from everywhere. They are going to have a great offense. And you know about South Panola, maybe the greatest program in the country. It is going to be awesome and an honor to play in. We are going to play South Panola the first half, then Meridian plays South Panola the next half, and then we play Meridian the last half. There is not anywhere in the world I would rather be that day than our stadium. Even if I were not playing, I would not want to miss it."

Clayton was suppose to take in an unofficial visit to Virginia Tech two Sundays back after receiving an offer from the Hokies, but that trip was pushed back.

"I had an interview with the Army All-American people the same day, and I simply could not make it over there that day. I spoke with Coach O' Cane about it and he said it was ok. They are coming down to see me in Spring training when we get started."

Moore is now getting ready for his next camp.

"Alabama called my head coach the other day and asked them whey I had not signed up for their camp next Saturday. I am probably going to be headed over there. After that, I know I am headed over to Ole Miss on June 2nd because it has been planned for so long. But other than those two, I have not made any definite plans yet."

The 6' 2", 205 pound All-State QB had over 4, 000 yards of offense and 42 TD's as a junior while leading his team to the State Championship. He currently holds offers from Iowa, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Kansas, Southern Mississippi, and New Mexico State.

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