Henderson leaves Under Armour a happy camper

The 6' 5", 250 pound offensive tackle out of Indianola (MS) was invited to the S' East Select combine that was given by Under Armour/Scout.com in Auburn (AL) on Sunday, and left with a renewed confidence.

"I think I did good out there," added Jonathan Henderson. "I am a lot stronger than (365 bench) a lot of them. We were all talking about how much we bench, and I was surprised at how much stronger I am. I also finished first or second in every agility drill (reports a 4.87 forty yard dash). I feel pretty confident if we had pads on, I could hold my own against anyone ou there."

What does this do for Jonathan's overall confidence heading into his senior season?

"I have a lot of confidence. I feel real confident that I am going to have a dominate senior year. I should really stand out. I am ready for it. I feel good knowing I stood out with all of these high caliber players. It gives you a lot of confidence. I am very happy that I got the chance to compete with these guys."

Henderson expanded on his overall experience at the combine.

"It was pretty fun, interesting. It was different than what I thought it was going to be like. I thought it was going to be your typical combine where you run the 40's, do the verticals, long jumps, things like that. But instead, we were not timed in the 40, but we were shown how you can get off better when you run the 40. We did a lot of one on one drills, and we worked on a lot of agility drills. It was more a teaching clinic than a combine. (the offensive linemen) We worked a lot on our pass blocking stance and hand placements, things like that. It was about them trying to help us improve our game instead of testing us."

How did Henderson fare in his one on one drills against some of the South's top defensive linemen?

"It was pretty much an unfair advantage for the defensive linemen because we had to hold a dummy and try to prevent them from getting around us. The Under Armour staff said that did not want anyone to have any contact so nobody would get hurt for liability reasons. We had like square dummies, with a strap on the back. We would start out in a two point stance, and the defense would start out like they were already firing off of the ball. They were in the right position to control the play off of the bat, and you could not move those dummies as quickly as you can with out them in your hands. But my footwork still allowed me to get in position on most plays. I think I did well. I do not remember anyone's names, but there were some pretty good players out there."

Jonathan has added one college camp to his list.

"I have decided to go to USM's 3 Day camp. I am also still going to Ole Miss' 3 Day camp, Alabama's 3 Day Camp, and Mississippi State's OL/DL camp.

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