Mississippi Top 40

Today will look at Mississippi's #6 overall rated prospect and also get comments from Billy's experience from the S' East Select camp that was held by Under Armou/Scout on Sunday.

#36 Ranked Player in Mississippi

Name - Billy Autrey
School - Columbus
Vitals - 6' 2", 290, 5.2 (40 yard dash), 350 (bench) 550 (squat)
Date of Birth - September 15, 1990

2007 Season
- Will be a three year starter for Columbus. Teamed up with Tobias Smith to form one of the best offensive line duos in Mississippi last year.

Why Top 40 - "Billy is the leader of this offensive line," added new Columbus head coach, Bubba Davis. "He can really move for a kid that size and he has a great desire to be the best he can possibly be. I think he definitely a D1 prospect. We expect big things from Billy this year."

"I think I work really hard on and off of the field. I like to go until the whistle blows," added Billy. "I like to put people on the ground. I get a lot of pancakes."

Colleges interested in Harris: Alabama, MSU, Stanford, and Duke

Marvin's top school: Alabama, MSU, Vandy, and Duke

Alabama : "That is where my parents met. My sister is on the rowing team at Alabama right now. It just feels like home over there. I grew up a huge Alabama fan."

MSU : "It is only 30 minutes from home, and I have some friends who play over there. Tobias Smith is my best friend, and he will be a freshman over there this year. They also signed another good friend of mine, Baker Sweedinburger."

Duke : "I like Stanford, Vandy, and Duke because of their academic situation. If you graduate from any of those three schools, you are set for life. Plus, all three programs are on the rise. You get the best of both worlds with them three."

Billy Autrey
Scholarship offers: None

Closest to offering: MSU and USM

Camps this summer: Alabama, MSU, Vandy, Duke

Jr Day attended: Alabama, USM, and MSU

Tell us something nobody else knows: "I use to be a state champ swimmer in the 50 free style and 100 yard breast stroke."

Nickname - "Big Sexy"

Best Player faced:
Chris Strong

If not Billy Autrey, who'll be Mr. Football for 2008: Chad Bumphis

If not someone from South Panola, who'll be Mr. Football for 2008: Chad Bumphis

Game I'm anticipating: "West Point because that is where Coach Davis use to coach. "

Other athletes in my family: Jessica Autrey (rowing team at Alabama)

Favorite college team growing up: Alabama

Favorite college football player:
Chris Samuel

Favorite pro football player: Chris Samuel

Favorite Pro Team: Detroit Lions

Favorite Food: Everything

Favorite Movie:
Bruce Almighty and 3W

In my CD Player: Maylen and Sons of Disaster

Pre-game hype song: Alive and Kicking by Non-Point

Biggest Influences: Jesus

Biggest Fan: Parents

Biggest Fear: Starving

2nd Best Sport: Baseball

Favorite Video Game: Call Duty 4

Person I look most a like: Brian Urlacher

First thing if I sign pro contract: Buy parents a new house

Dream date: Rihana

Grades : 3.7GPA / 22 ACT

Video :

Billy also attended the Under Armour/Scout.com S' East Select combine on Sunday.

How did his experience go?

"It was not what I thought it would be," added Billy. "I was expecting it to be like a combine, where you run the 40 and do shuffles and all of that stuff. But it was more of a training camp. We did dashes, latters, footwork drills and that kind of stuff."

What did Autrey learn about himself from the camp?

"I learned that my footwork is pretty good. I finished first out of the centers in most of the latters and sprints. They also gave us some tips on running the 40, with our take offs. That is going to help me out a lot."

What will the renewed confidence do for his game?

"It boosted my confidence up pretty high. I also went to the Army All-American combine and that gave me a boost."

What will Billy take away from this combine?

"The 40 yard dash tip is going to really help me. I can not wait to use it this summer at the team camps. It is really going to help me take off. The footwork and passing drills is also going to help me out a lot. I learned a lot at the combine. I am really glad that I went."

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