Rebel signee wondering what is next

Ole Miss inked one of the country's top prospects at the last minute on signing day.

Ole Miss inked one of the country's top prospects at the last minute on signing day.

How did that all come about?

"Coach Dickerson had been keeping up with me since my 10th grade season," added Randall Mackey. "He started calling me as soon as he got to Ole Miss. He came down here on a visit, and then I went up there for an official visit. We talked about the situation, and I finally decided Ole Miss was the best fit for me."

The 2007 Parade All-American decided on Ole Miss for one simple reason.

Randall Mackey

"I always wanted to play in the SEC, and they were my best option. I also liked the new staff and how they changed the offense around. They are going to pass the ball a little more. But mainly I just wanted to play in the SEC."

Why did Louisiana's Mr. Football only have one program within the SEC to choose from?

"I guess it was because of the lack of my grades."

Where does the four time All-State selection (4A) stand academically?

"I have to make a C in Algebra 11, and I have to pull my ACT score up by two points."

What are Randall's chances to qualify?

"I am probably headed the juco route. I am going to East MS CC in June probably. I only have one more chance to take the ACT test. It is in May. That test is hard. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but I have to have a back up plan. I am going to be fine in Algebra. I got a B in there right now. That should be no problem."

A lot of players who are short on their academics go the prep school route. But a new NCAA rule states that all athletes that do not have a learning disability, must complete all but one of their core course work by the school's scheduled graduation date.

"I did not get tested for having a learning disability or anything like that. I really did not have that option to go to prep school."

Why East MS CC?

"Because they are going to a spread offense."

Did Ole Miss encourage Mackey to attend East MC CC?

"Not at all. They said it was up to me. I picked them on my own."

What would Randall's role be on the Ole Miss team if he were to qualify?

"Well, I really do not know for sure. They said I was going to play quarterback, but I really do not know."

Mackey had a chance to take in the Ole Miss scrimmage and came away impressed.

"I really like how #4 throws the ball. He has a big arm. I liked how they were putting in #22 at QB too. Maybe I could do some of that. I was really impressed with their WR's, especially Wallace and Hodge."

Which position does Mackey believe he is best fitted for?

"I feel like I can be a good WR, and in the meantime, a good QB as well. I can run the ball (at WR) and I have some size, and at QB I have a good arm. I can throw the ball a mile and I am accurate. The only down size for me at QB is my size. I am 5' 11", 185 pounds, so that kind of puts some doubt in me playing there."

What is in Randall's heart?

"When I was coming up my older brother, Josh Mackey, played football for Southern. I wanted to be a CB so I could prove I was better than him. I have always wanted to be a CB but it did not work out that way."

What would Mackey like to tell the Ole Miss fans?

"Just let them know that I am ball player. When I get on the field, I am ready to make a play. I am going to put on a show for them, if not next year, in a year and half. I am going to get out of East MS CC. I am starting summer school in June so I can transfer next spring."

Mackey finished 37-0 as a starter for Bastrop and passed for over 8, 000 yards, rushed for over 2, 500 and totaled 96 TD's.

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