Top 100 national recruit visits Ole Miss National 100 member, Rueben Randle, took in an unofficial visit to the University of Mississippi for their last scrimmage before Spring practice was over.

What were his thoughts?

"It was a fun trip," added Rueben Randle. "I got to chill with my teammates, Randall Mackey who is my QB. He signed with Ole Miss. And DeQuinta Jones also went over there with me. Coach Bradshaw took us over there for the day. It gave me a chance to get to know the coaches better and how things are run down there."

Rueben Randle
Was this Rueben's first visit to Oxford?

"Yes sir. It was better than what I thought it was going to be. I thought it would be a nice little quiet place, not very exciting, but it was different. I had a lot of fun down there."

How about the coaches?

"They are all nice. They treated us like family. They have a lot of nice guys to get a long with. Overall, it was just a good trip."

What did the 6' 3", 200 pound receiver learn by watching the Rebels practice?

"I got to see the different ways they lined up and the different schemes they run for different players. I saw how they would use me. I just followed the different positions. I just wanted to see how they ran things."

Rueben also had a chance to talk with one of his former teammates that now plays for Ole Miss.

"Marshay (Marcus) Green just showed me around and told me how everything works. He said it was a good place to play at and that he had fun down there. He just kept everything positive."

Rueben had a few questions he wanted answered before he left on the trip.

"I wanted to know how the atmosphere was, how the players were, how the practices were run, and how the offense is run."

And what did he learn about each one of these issues?

"The atmosphere is great. They have fun and compete. That is what I liked most about Ole Miss. The players do right. They are always talking to each other and having fun and competing with each other. That was also one of the big upsides with Ole Miss. And the practices, I just wanted to see how the drills are run and how they go. I wanted to see how good the offense is going to be. I liked the drills they ran. I see how they play their RB and WR at QB. That's real cool. I would love to do that. They run a lot of the plays we run (at Bastrop). They also throw deep a lot to their WR's. That really caught my eye because that is what I like to do best, go deep."

Randle took in a few unofficials before his Ole Miss visit.

"I have been to LSU, Alabama, MSU, and Ole Miss so far."

Thoughts on each visit.

"LSU, it just gave me a chance to know the coaches better. I also got a better feel for their offense. I was just getting a feel for their atmosphere."

"At Alabama, I got a chance to sit down with their offensive coordinator and go over some stuff. He showed me around and told me what I would bring to the table for their offense."

"And MSU, I got a chance to know their staff better, stuff like that. They told me all about their academic programs, and I got a chance to watch their offense and how things go."

Anymore future visits on tap?

"Sooner or later I am going to Florida and FSU. I do not know when yet."

Any camps in concrete?

"Not yet. I have not gotten around to that stuff yet."

Last season, Rueben caught 65 passes for 1,068 yards and 11 touchdowns.'s #3 nationally rated WR estimates that he has 40-50 offers from schools all over the country.

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