Ole Miss scouts LB Sam Barrington

The 6' 3", 220 pound linebacker out of Terry Parker (FL/Class 5A) ran a 4.62 forty at the last MSL combine entering his junior season but Sam feels like he has gotten much quicker over the past year.

"I ran a 4.51 the other day," added Sam Barrington. "I have really worked on my strength and speed during the offseason. I can not wait to start getting timed at some of the camps."

The Jacksonville resident has been a mainstay for the Braves' defense the past two seasons.

"I have started every game the last two years. I had 74 solo tackles last year. I really have no clue how many assists I had. I also had 3 sacks and 3 forced fumbles."

If Sam were to describe his game, it would be?

"Smart and quick."

And what are his biggest strengths?

"I guess you can say I have big eyes. Even though I can not see behind me, I have a good feel for what is going on. I can also play in space."

Spring practice starts today but a few colleges have already been by the school to eye ball him.

"That is what I like the best about the recruiting process. I love getting to know these colleges. Like last week, Ole Miss and Purdue came by. That was cool."

What does Barrington know about Ole Miss?

"When Ole Miss came by. I spoke with Coach Chris Vaughn. He was at Arkansas before he came to Ole Miss. He left his number at the school, and I called him that night. He told me how interested he was in me and how he wanted to get some more film on me to his defensive coordinator so he can get me an offer. Then on Sunday, he called me, and we talked about my history on and off of the field. I am really interested in Ole Miss because I feel like they have a lot I can learn from, and from what I understand, it is a decent school. And with their new staff, I feel like it is an up and coming program."

What about Purdue?

"I talked to them on the phone last night. Coach Brook Spratt from Purdue told my coach that I had an offer. We talked about how many linebackers they graduated, and he feels I can step in and really help their defense. He also wanted some more film to give him. I am trying to get a highlight reel to give out to everyone. That is a major priority for me right now."

Anymore scholarship offers?

"Purdue, Clemson was my first offer. They offered me last September. Illinois and Central Florida have offered me too."

What is going on with Clemson?

"I feel like I am most disappointed in my situation with Clemson. My previous head coach said he saw Coach Bowden at some QB club, and he asked him why I have not been in touch with him lately. All I can is that nobody has called me from Clemson in a long time. They keep sending me hand written letters, but I am wondering what is going on with them. Hopefully soon I will get some answers."

And Central Florida?

"I feel like I have the strongest relationship with Central Florida. I went to their Jr Day and loved it. They are only 45 minutes from home, and I have always dreamed about playing in Florida. I am real cool with Coach Panagot, so everything is good with Central Florida."

What are Illinois positives?

"It is pretty neutral with them. I talk with Coach Dan Dish, their linebacker coach, and the guy who recruits me for them. We have talked a few times. Me and Illinois, we are getting there. We just are not there yet. That is the thing about the recruiting process. Certain schools you feel good about one day and then not so good the next. I understand that. I am just having fun with the recruiting process. I am taking it lightly until the official visits start in the fall."

Another college to the East also looks to be getting involved.

"Coach Seamson from Maryland called me last night. He told me that they are graduating 5 linebackers and 3 OLB next year. He said that I fit the criteria they are looking for and I should be getting my scholarship papers in the mail pretty soon. I do not know much about Maryland though, other than it is like 14 hours from home. We are just trying to get a feel for one another."

What will be the important factors when it does come decision time?

"Of course, I am looking at the depth chart at my position. I would like to play in a big time atmosphere, but most importantly, I want to see how many people they are sending to the league at my position."

Which camps will Barrington attend this summer?

"It is funny that you asked that. June 10th, I am leaving to West Africa for a month. My dad is African. He lives in Tema (West Africa). It is about the size of my neighborhood (laugh). It is so full of life over there. I love going over there in the summers. I gained 11 pounds in four weeks last summer when I went. The food is so good. Everyone is just so happy over there. Anyway, we are coming back in July so I am probably going to miss most of the camps."

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