Coach Nix scouts Ath Dennis Thames

One of the more electrifying players in the South had a chance to showcase his skills at the Under Armour/ S' East Select camp last Sunday that was held at Auburn.

How did his experience go?

Dennis Thames
"Well, me and Clayton Moore went up there after a playoff game (in baseball) the night before," stated Dennis Thames. "We ran some routes and tried to compete as hard as we could. Auburn was big, real big. They had a good campus. But the camp, we just ran some routes, played in some 7 on 7 games and had a lot of fun. It was great being out there with all of those guys."

What did the 1st Team All-State selection (for all classifications) learn about himself from the camp?

"I have been in baseball, so I have not just been running like that in a while. We ran a lot. It was the first time I have put the cleats on since the season was out. It made me feel fast, real fast. It was my first time to compete since the season. I think I did a good job out there, and I got to meet some good players."

How did the 6' 0", 195 pound athlete compare to the rest of the players in attendance?

"My ability, I think, we were competing. I do not know how to say this without it sounding cocky, but I will just leave it that I did not think anyone else was better than me. I always think I have the best talent. I never put anyone in front of me."

That self confidence helped Dennis help his team to its first state championship in 10 years while collecting over 1, 600 yards and 19 TD's playing the slot and 93 tackles, 5 int's and 4 defensive TD's while playing outside linebacker.

Colleges have certainly taken notice of this multitalented prospect out of Louisville (MS).

"Coach (Derrick) Nix from Ole Miss was here yesterday. Coach (TD) Woods from Tulane was here this week, and Coaches (Reed) Stringer from MSU and (Jay) Hopson (Michigan) were on Monday."

What did Coach Nix have to say?

"He just always tells me that I am his guy. He did not really say much to us at all at school or practice. But they are really are looking forward to me and Clayton coming to their (football) camp in June. They have been on me pretty good."

What was Coach Stringer's message?

"He did not get that much to say either. He said he was there to see me perform and stayed a while and watched me do my drills."

And what about Coach Hopson?

"He came in, and I got a chance to talk to him that night. They are really looking at me to come to Michigan. They want me to also come to their camp, which I think I am going to, and I talked to him about their campus. He said I was going to be amazed when I see their campus."

Another college who has offered Thames dropped by his school this week too.

"I had Auburn come by on Tuesday. I was taking my 9 weeks test. Their defensive coordinator came to our school but he did not have too much to say. He just gave me a letter about their camp."

Which camps will Dennis attend this summer?

"I am going to Michigan, MSU, and Ole Miss for sure. I might go back to Auburn. I think I am going to go to that Elite camp at Alabama on Sunday. That is about all I have on my mind now."

Has Thames received any phone calls this spring?

"Well, I just call them. I talk to Auburn, MSU, Michigan, Ole Miss, and that is about it."

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