Rebs offer Jacoby Bell

D' Iberville will be a school that many college recruiters stop by this Spring.

Two of Mississippi's top prospects actually happen to play for D' Iberville High. Teammates, WR/S Kevin Norwood and WR/TE/LB Jacoby Bell, are a hot commodity.

Norwood received scholarship offers from Ole Miss, MSU, and USM.

Now his tagmate, Jacoby Bell, has two new instate scholarships.

"USM and Ole Miss went me an offer," added Jacoby Bell. "Ole Miss wants me real bad. I just got an offer from them on the phone from Coach Dickerson. USM said they need me real bad too."

How did the Ole Miss offer go down?

"They came to the school last week. Coach Dickerson said he wanted to see me up close in person, make sure I am what I say I am, and he said as far as he is concerned, I got an offer."

When did USM offer?

"Three days ago."

Anybody else heavily in the mix?

"LSU, Auburn, and Alabama send me a lot of stuff."

Who are Bell's top schools?

"I got a real close eye on Ole Miss and USM. I have been looking at Auburn and Alabama too, and I would not mind checking out Marshall too."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"Well, my mother played basketball for Ole Miss, so I grew up watching them. I went to their basketball camp last summer and I met alot of their players. I got to stay up there for a few nights and go out with a lot of their players. I have been keeping in contact with them ever since."

And USM?

"I have been around and seen their campus too. I went down for the Army All-American interviews at USM and met the coaches. They are real nice. They have an alright team. I think they should be good."

What are Alabama's positives?

"I have seen them play a few times. They like to spread you out and their players always come through. They have a good staff that has a history of sending their players to the pros."

And Auburn?

"I have been a big fan of Auburn's ever since I was a little kid. They have always just been my favorite team."

Who would be the college that is next closest to offering?

"I would say either Mississippi State or Auburn."

Any Jr Days this spring?

"I went down to USM's but that was it."

Any camps on tap for this summer?

"LSU, they have been sending me a lot of letters everyday. I think I am going to USM for sure and try and get up to Ole Miss and probably MSU."

Jacoby has had a growth spurt in the last few months and has gone from 6' 1", to 6' 3", 220.

"Most of the colleges are telling me that I am going to play tight end but a few like me at linebacker. But mostly, they like me at TE."

Bell had 30 catches for 588 yards and 11 TD's as a junior while being named to the All-Coast Team."

Jacoby reports a 2.3 GPA and is waiting on his results from his latest ACT test.

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