OM WR signee breaks state records in track

Horatio Williams had a lot of pressure going into the Mississippi State meet as the defending champ in the 200 meter, 4 by 100, and 4 by 200 events. But that did not faze him one bit as he defended all of his titles and added one more.

"I won State in the 100 (meter race)," added Horatio Williams. I tied the state record with Trell Kimmons from Coldwater. He set it in 2004. I know he just signed with Nike, so I guess I did pretty good."

That does not tell the whole story, as the 6' 2", 175 pound Ole Miss football signee had been dealing with an injury all track season.

"I pulled my hamstring pretty good earlier on, but it started feeling pretty good before the North Half Finals. I ran a 10.54 at that event the Saturday before. But last week, I started feeling back to my old self. I ran freely at State."

Williams was not done, as he broke a couple more state records at the Mississippi State finals.

"I won the 200 and broke the State record in that too. I ran a 21.3. We also broke the state record in the 4 by 100 with a 41.9. I ran the last leg."

Horatio is now preparing himself for the Nationals that is being held in June.

"I am just keeping in shape for Nationals in June. As soon as that is over, I will start lifting again. While I am in track, I do not lift, so I do not risk any injuries. When I am in football, I do a lot of lifting and running but only running when I am in track."

What is Williams' first love, track or football?

"Football most definitely. I love track, but there is nothing like putting the pads on."

Right now though, there is only one goal on his mind this offseason.

"I am just trying to do real well on my exams and get these B's so I can get into Ole Miss."

Does the Oxford standout already have his needed ACT score?

"I am not sure yet. I am waiting on my latest test. I think I got it because the last test was pretty easy but you never know. I made an 18 on the first one, and I need a 21, but I am taking some on line courses so I can raise my GPA. If that goes as planned, I will only need a 19. I should be OK, I have until the Fall to get everything done."

Are there anymore chances to take the ACT test between now and the Fall?

"Yes sir, in June there is another test being given. I hope it does not come down to that though (laugh)."

Coach Dickerson from Ole Miss was in contact with Williams this past week.

"He just called me to check up on my grades and he asked me how track was going. He told me to not worry about the play book right now. They are going to send that to me as soon as I get myself qualified. That is all he wants me to concentrate on."

If all goes as planned, when will Horatio enroll at Ole Miss?

"I am going to try and get in in July, but it might have to be in August. But again, I am going to try and do my best to get there in July. It just depends if I am done with all of my summer classes."

What are Williams' football goals for his freshman season at Ole Miss?

"I just want to help the team out in any way I can and work hard in practice. All of the receivers are good. I will bring a lot of energy to the rotation and some speed too (laugh)."

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