E.J. Epperson will report to OM on May 27th

There were many rumors that surrounded the Mr. Football's recruitment. Was Epperson going to sign with Ole Miss or Arkansas? Many predicted both ways ntil he finally inked with the Rebels.

But the rumors did not stop there, as many have speculated that the 6' 3 1/2", 245 pound signee was now not going to qualify.

True or untrue?

"That simply is not true," stated Humboldt head coach, Dan Bland. "He has already made his ACT score. As far as his classes, he has everything that he needs to be a full qualifier. A lot of people were worried, but he only needed to finish out with C's to make it. He is taking six classes this nine weeks. Right now, he has 5 A's and 1 B. E.J. is exempt from all of finals but one test. He finishes school next Wednesday and will report to Ole Miss on May 27th."

Has E.J. Epperson been keeping himself in football shape during the offseason?

"E.J. has been working hard since basketball season was let out. First of all, he made All-State in basketball for the third year in a row. He is just such a great athlete. He is very tough inside in hoops. E.J. is up to 240 to 245 now, and he hit a growth spurt. He is closer to 6' 4" than 6' 3" now. He played split in and outside linebacker for us, but we do not know for sure what he will play at Ole Miss yet, maybe TE. I know he is happy because he originally wanted to go to Ole Miss but then he fell in love with the staff at Arkansas. Then they leave to Ole Miss, so he has the best of both worlds, and this comes from a Mississippi State grad (laugh)."

Which position does Coach Bland think E.J. Is best suited for?

"He played split end and outside linebacker for us, and we also played him at tailback because he is so fast. E.J. runs a 4.6 and is just a good athlete. He really has a motor that runs on defense. He might end up at tight end because he is so big. He can carry 260 to 270 pounds of good weight. He has big ole broad shoulders, just a muscular guy. Everybody wants to play offense when they get to college. You know how that goes (laugh), but in the back of his mind, I think he knows he might end up on defense. He can really come off of that corner and disrupt the passing game. He has a lot to learn, but he is special young man."

Which awards did Epperson collect in football?

"He was one of the three finalist for Mr. Football for the state of Tennessee, and he made All-State, All-West Tennessee and was the MVP of our team."

Stats from the past football season?

"He missed three games because of a dislocated elbow. I know he intercepted two passes and took back one for a TD. He had 80 something tackles and 12 or 14 sacks, but I do not have his stats in front of me. I know he had 35 catches for 7 or 800 hundred yards. He had over a 20 yard per reception average for us. He is one of those guys you can just throw a screen to, and he would take it 60 or 70 yards to the house. The sucker is just so hard to bring down, and he is so fast for someone his size. And in a limited role at tailback, he had over 400 yards for us. E.J. is just almost impossible to stop."

And that is music to the Rebel's ears!

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