Rebels offer Florida LB

The 6' 0", 205 pound defender out of Samuel W. Wolfson in Jacksonville (FL) received his second BCS scholarship offer this past week.

"Coach (Chris) Vaughn (from Ole Miss) came to the a couple of weeks ago. He said the staff needed some film. I sent it to them, and he said the staff looked at it and I was the type of linebacker they are looking for," added Eric Watts. "They wanted to see my in coverages.. Coach Vaughn came back to the school this week for the second time and watched me play safety and said I could make an impact on their team and offered me a full scholarship."

What was Watt's response?

"I told him that right now my options are still open. I want to see what type of impact they can make with me with my major, football, and social wise. I am looking at all three factors very closely. I will visit all of the schools who have offered me and go from there."

What was Ole Miss' response?

"Coach Vaughn gave me his cell number and I have been talking to him daily. I told him about the points I told you. I told him that they are on the top of my recruiting list, and he told me that they are going to do anything they can to get me to play for Ole Miss. He said that they have heard great things from my prior coaches. They even talked to my junior high coach about me. They all told him about my character, and he said that they are looking for a team full of players like me, high character guys who can play the game of football."

Where does Illinois now stand in this equation?

"Illinois, it is not over. I would put them up with Ole Miss. I would consider going there too."

Who is closest to offering next?

"Central Florida is real close. Coach Tony Douglas said they are real close to offering me. And I spoke with Coach Spurrier (South Carolina) on the phone the other day, and he said I was exactly what they are looking for. He told me that he was going to be following my grades closely, and if I do not drop, they were going to offer me."

Any camp plans?

"I wanted to go over to Ole Miss and Illinois but it is just too expensive. I do not know. I am still trying to work out some things. But right now, I plan on going to some one day camps at Florida and Florida State. Hopefully I will still be able to make it up to Illinois and over to Ole Miss, if things work out."

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