Rebel signee achieves needed GPA/ACT

Good things happen to good people. Isn't that the ole saying?

Don't tell Rebel signee, OL Josh Tatum, that it is not.

"My mom took all of the tests to see if she had cancer last week," added the always very personable 6' 6", 330 pounder. "The doctor told us that everything looks good, but the tests will not be in until Wednesday. But we are feeling good about things right now. I know I have slept a lot better the last few days."

Another factor that was causing restless nights was getting his GPA to match his ACT score.

Goal achieved!

"I did it. I graduated Thursday and I got everything I needed. I sent everything into the clearinghouse and everything should be good to go. I have everything I need to be a full qualifier now."

When will Tatum hear back from the NCAA clearinghouse?

"I am not sure. Coach Nutt said it should be back late next week, but it is a case by case system. It all depends on how low or high mine is in their stack. But it is no big deal, I am a full qualifier. I just have to wait to get their stamp of approval."

Due to the transcript getting sent in later than normal, Josh will now report to Ole Miss in June.

"I am moving in the dorm on June 24th. I can't wait. Now we just need some good news on mom, and everything will be smelling like roses around the Tatum household."

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