Mississippi Top 40

Today we will look at Mississippi's #25 rated preseason recruit.

#25 Ranked Player in Mississippi

Nickoe Whitley
Jackson Provine
City: Jackson, MS
6' 1", 190, 4.5
Date of Birth:
October 21, 1990
Projected Position:

2007 Football Season:
1, 064 passing yards, 637 rushing yards. 40 tackles and 5 interceptions

Why Top 40 in Football:
"I feel like I work hard enough to be one. I cover well and I have good ball skills. Playing QB gives me the ability to read the QB's mind back there at safety. I am a good tackler too."

Colleges interested in Whitley:
Auburn, USM, Ole Miss, and MSU

Scouts at Spring practice:
Ole Miss, MSU, and USM

Received phone calls from:

Scholarship offers:

Closest to offering:
Ole Miss

Nickoe's top school:
MSU and USM ("schools who have offered me")

"They send a lot of defensive players to the NFL.."

USM: "I like their defensive system."

Jr Days/Spring games: USM (Jr Day) and MSU (Spring and Jr Day)

Summer Camps: Tenn, USM, MSU, Ole Miss, Auburn and maybe LSU

Tell us something nobody else knows: "I have always liked safety the most."

Nickname - Nick

Best Player faced:
Darius Barksdale

If not Nickeo Whitley, who'll be Mr. Football for 2008: Chris Garrett

Game I'm most anticipating: Clinton

Nickoe Whitley
Other athletes in my family: Joseph Thomas (QB/Murrah)

Favorite college team growing up: LSU

Favorite college football player:
Darren McFadden

Favorite pro football player: Reggie Bush

Favorite Pro Team: Indy Colts

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Movie:

In my CD Player: Gucci Man

Pre-game hype song: 16 Fevor by Gucci Man

Biggest Influences: Mom

Biggest Fan: Mom and Dad

Biggest Fear: God

2nd Best Sport: Basketball

Favorite Video Game: Maddon '08

Person I most look alike: Markeith Mack (cousin)

First thing if I sign pro contract: Pay mother's bills off

Dream date: Beyunce

Grades: 2.5 GPA / 18 ACT

Special Note
We added one player who transferred to Mississippi, Aubrey Phillips, after the list already came out. Therefore, we have 41 players now listed and put in a tie at number 28.

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