5 Star DT visits Ole Miss

The 6' 4", 300 pound defensive tackle out of Mansfield had a two day visit over to Ole Miss and arrived back home last night.

"Coach Stroud took me over there early Thursday morning and we stayed until Friday night," added Chris Davenport.

How did the trip go?

"It was good. I like the new staff at Ole Miss a lot. Everybody is down to earth. I talked to a lot of the players, and they said what you see is what you get. They act the same way everyday. Their staff is very upfront about everything. I like that."

Scout.com's #2 nationally rated defensive tackle took in another unofficial visit to Ole Miss in the fall.

"This visit was way better than the first trip. This staff took the time to show me around, but their old staff just said we want to come play for us. They did not show me the academic center or IPF or anything like that. We just went over there and talked to them and went on the field before the game started. They were not anything like the new staff at Ole Miss. It is more on a personal level with them."

Davenport was impressed with Ole Miss' academic support.

"The freshmen that enter get their degrees in 3 1/2 years so you can prepare for the NFL draft. I liked that."

What did the 5 star like most about the trip?

"The coaches and players. I got a chance to get to know the guys on their team like Peria Jerry, Jerrell Powe, Marcus Tillman, and some of the Louisiana guys like Kentrell Lockett, Brandon Bolden, Kermit Tyler, and I also hung out with Gerald Harris a lot. I really liked him. He is a nice guy. We exchanged phone numbers and we are going to be keeping tabs with each other."

Where do the Rebels now stand?

"I do not know because I have not come out with a list yet, but they are up there. They made a big impression with me."

Although Davenport is reluctant to name any favorites, he did give us some insight on the schools he planned to visit this summer.

"I am going to go over to Texas A&M, Florida State, and Alabama. I have already been over to LSU and Ole Miss a couple times, so I probably will not go over there this summer. I do not know if I am going to attend any camps because I have a new job. I will just have to wait and see about that."

Davenport had 120 tackles, 20 for losses and 18 sacks as a junior.

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