Clayton Moore takes in Big 12 visit's #35 nationally ranked QB took in an unofficial visit to Oklahoma State this week.

"I left Tuesday morning, and we came back Thursday morning," added Clayton Moore.

How did the visit go?

"It went really well. I was very impressed. They have some new facilities. I think it is a total of 171 million dollars that have been spent up there. It is worth every penny of it because they are amazing."

The Cowboy's coaching staff made a big impact with Moore.

"The facilities were nice, but it was not only that, it was their coaches. They were really nice people. I spent most of my time with Coach Gunther Brewer. He is son of Ole Miss' former coach, Billy Brewer, so he has a lot of Mississippi ties. Coach Brewer is just a great guy. I enjoyed every second I spent with him. I also spoke with Coach Gundy, and he is just like Coach Brewer. Coach Gundy knows his offense and has so many great ideas on what he wants to do with his QB's. I just enjoyed being around those guys."

What surprised Moore the most about Oklahoma State?

"I grew up around the SEC. That is all I have ever known. I mean, I knew about Texas and Oklahoma, but not the Texas Tech's and OSU's of the conference. The Big 12 is not as weak as I thought it was going to be. They are getting better as a conference too. I was looking at a magazine the other day and it had the Big 12 right behind the SEC. Of course, nothing compares to the SEC, talent wise, but I watched a lot of film while I was up there and the talent is great in this conference. It is not much of a drop off. And I was also impressed with the talent that OSU had on their team. They are very/very talented."

Where does this visit put OSU?

"Very high. I can definitely see myself in the Orange and Black uniform."

Who are they up there with?

"Ole Miss is still up there. I am still going down there for their 3 Day Camp on June 10th to see if I can get a scholarship. Hopefully I will perform well enough to get one. Ole Miss is still very high on my list too. Louisville called and offered me a few weeks back, and they are a very cool school. Tennessee, I am going up there for their camp on June 14th. Tennessee is still high on my list. I am going up to Oregon for a Nike combine on June 7th but I am going to look around their campus after the visit is over. I am going to be very busy in June. Oh yea, I am also going to Alabama on either the 3rd or 4th for their camp. It is going to be hectic."

Moore holds scholarship offers from Louisville, Pitt, Iowa, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana, New Mexico State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, USM, East Carolina and several more.

The 6' 2", 205 pound signal caller led his team to the State Championship as a junior and had over 4, 000 yards of offense and 42 TD's.

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