Can the Rebels dodge the draft for Corrigan?

The Rebels had to fight off Arizona, Arkansas, and Southern Cal to garner the signature of the San Jacinto CC RHP.

Now they have to battle the major league draft that takes place today.

"I told the scouts that if I am a Top 5 round pick, I will sign, but it all depends on how much money they are going to give me," added Chris Corrigan. "That is assuming that they give me Top 5 round money. Sometimes you can get drafted in the Top 5, but you do not get Top 5 money. It is going to take that and some to get me to sign."

Which clubs have been in contact lately?

"The Cubs, Nationals, Braves, Pirates, Mariners, Brewers, and Blue Jays. Those are the ones that have called me this week. The Cardinals have called too."

Toronto actually drafted Chris in the 18th round last year. Under the old "draft and follow" rule, the Blue Jays would have retained the rights to resign him this year. But that rule is no longer in effect.

"Now you have to sign within two months of being drafted. If they don't, then we are like a free agent again. That old rule was taken away last June. I am glad they got rid of that rule too (laugh)."

What has Corrigan told the MLB scouts?

"That I want Top 5 round money (laugh). Anything less, and I am headed to Ole Miss."

Chris' sophomore campaign certainly did not hurt his draft status.

"I pitched pretty good. I went 10-1 and pitched in 87 innings. I did my best in Regionals when I went 8 2/3 innings and gave up 0 runs and 2 hits. We came up a little short. We did not make the World Series this year, but all in all, it was a good year. I came in as a starter this year. Last year, I was a reliever."

The All-Conference and All-Region selection saw several improvements in his game.

"I was able to control my pitches a lot more. I developed a change up, and I was able to keep the hitters off balance. I threw more curve balls in tight situations. I had confidence in all four of my pitches. I throw a fastball, change up, curve ball and a slider. I just had better command of my pitches this year."

What does his fastball max out at?

"I range between 91 - 93 MPH."

The 6' 0", 170 pound right hand pitcher thinks his lack of bulk could hurt his chances to land in the Top 5 rounds this year.

"My advisor said I would go anywhere from the 6th to 8th round. He told me that the scouts were telling him that if I were bigger, I would be a Top 3 round pick and for sure a Top 5 round pick. That is why I am looking forward to going to Ole Miss. I am going to work hard and get bigger and perfect my skills."

When is the last time Chris heard from the Ole Miss staff?

"I actually spoke with Coach Bianco this morning. He asked me how I felt about the draft and what I was telling the scouts. He just wanted to know my chances to show up at Ole Miss. They are trying to get their ducks in a row in case I do go in the draft, but I told him I do not think he has anything to worry about."

What role does Ole Miss have in store for Corrigan?

"They want me to come in and compete for a weekend job. They need some guys to fill in for Satterwhite, Lynn, and Bittle."

Do the openings play a role in Chris' decision to go in the draft or stay at Ole Miss?

"Yes, most definitely. It does a lot. I look forward at being at Ole Miss next year and being a weekend starter and pitching in the best conference in America. How much more fun can it be than that?"

Corrigan has also looked at Coach Bianco's history of developing pitchers and sending them to the league as a high draft choice.

"I have looked at that a lot, and that is also another factor in me wanting to go to Ole Miss. He works well with pitchers. Just look at their team right now. They have three pitchers that are going to be high draft picks. All of those guys, except for Lynn, were low draft picks before they came to Ole Miss. Now they have a chance to make a lot of money. Yea, that is definitely another factor in my decision to want to go to Ole Miss and then go in the draft after I leave there. I know he can max my performances so I can go high in the draft."

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