David Phillips discusses his future

We were able to catch up with one of the key juco signees last night after the completion of the first few rounds of the baseball draft.

"You know what, I guess my feeling about the draft would be that there is some interest from some of the teams, but it is a win/win situation for me," added David Phillips. "I have been looking forward to going to Ole Miss since the Fall, so I look at it as a win/win situation for me."

Now that the money rounds have passed by; any chance the 6' 3", 210 pound outfielder out of Texarkana CC (TX) could still bypass up his college eligibility?

"That is tough to say. I wouldn't go unless the money is right. Sometimes you might get drafted lower than what you want, but you still get the money you are looking for. If it goes much longer before I am drafted, it is highly unlikely. The Dodgers, Tigers, and Astros have been on the phone with me today (Thursday). I am just going to have to wait and see." (Editors note, we are now in the 30 plus rounds in the draft and David still has not been drafted).

Phillips had a break out season this year for Texarkana CC as he led the Conference in Hr's (19), came in 3rd in RBI's (70) while adding 12 doubles with a .357 batting average.

David's freshman season, he batted .356 with 7 HR's, 22 doubles, and 64 RBI's.

Why the increase in power?

"I have been working hard in the weight room. Last year, I hit 22 doubles and this year I turned them into Hr's. I credit that to the weight room. I was playing at 190 last year and I gained 20 good pounds of muscle in the offseason."

David also saw another area that greatly improved.

"My speed improved a lot from my freshman year. I was never that fast but I got my 60 time down to a 6.8. I was running in the mid 7's in high school. That was an underline theme, to improve my speed and power in the offseason and I was successful in both areas. Another thing that was much better was my pitch selection. I doubled my walks this year from last. Getting ahead in the count also allowed me to see some good pitches to drive out of the ballpark."

When was the last time Phillips spoke with someone from Ole Miss?

"Actually, I spoke with Coach Rob on Thursday. He has been keeping in touch with me daily. That is the thing that I like about Coach Rob. He always made me feel like I was already a part of the team. Every game he would text me with their score and tell me all about it. I felt like I played for Ole Miss this year when I was not even there. I know everything that went down this year."

The Rebels could be losing the heart of their line up to the league this year with Overbeck and Power going in the draft.

"That was also a part of my decision. I know there is a good chance they will not be back, and I know I can step right in there and hit in the SEC and put up good numbers and help my stock. Ole Miss is a great place to play and a great atmosphere. It would be awesome to play in their new stadium. I go online all of the time and take the virtual tour of the new stadium. I get chill bumps everytime I envision myself playing in that stadium. I can't wait."

David's father played baseball for the Texas A&M Aggies.

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