Day Two Draft Recap

After having three players taken on day one, five more Rebels had their name called on day two of the MLB First Year Player Draft. Three baseball signees and one football signee were also selected. Go inside for the list and a few quotes.

Current Players

Cody Overbeck - 9th round (286th overall) Phillies

Brett Basham - 16th round (480th overall)White Sox

Michael Guerrero - 21st round (631st overall) Nationals

Logan Power - 25th round (765th overall) Padres

Justin Cryer - 29th round (879th overall) Blue Jays


Aaron Barrett - 20th round (606th overall) Twins

Taylor Hightower - 42nd round (1277th overall) Rockies

David Phillips - 45th round (1362nd overall) Mets

Football Signee

Chris Wilkes - 22nd round (675th overall) Padres

Overbeck Quotes

On finding out

I wasn't even watching it. I was still in bed and the Phillies guy called me and said they were about to pick me if I wanted to go and I said yeah. And that's how it happened.

On the Phillies representative who called

I've talked to him a couple of times. I didn't think they would pick me but I'm glad they did.

On the Phillies

I don't know much. I know that Matt Maloney and Cooper Osteen were both in the organization. I talked to both of them this morning and they said they had a good experience there and that they treated them well.

On being selected in the ninth round

It is around where I thought I'd go. I was hoping to go higher, but I can't complain.

On signing

Yeah. I am going to sign.

On what comes next

I go to Clearwater next week for a mini camp and then they send you off. I'm not really sure where.

On being drafted

It hasn't really sank in yet. Once I finally get out there and start playing that is when I'll realize that I am playing professional baseball.

On this past year

I'm definitely satisfied with everything I did this year. I wish we could have played a little longer but I can't complain.

Guerrero Quotes

On being drafted

I didn't expect to go that low, but I guess it is a blessing to get drafted at all. I did think it would be higher though. It is a spot where I have to think about coming back. I would love to play another year at Ole Miss. Washington is calling to offer tonight, so a lot will depend on that. Right now, I am just contemplating everything.

On what he is looking for

The money is the big determining factor. I am excited and nervous.

On the Nationals organization

One plus for signing is that my best friend from JUCO (Mississippi State's Tyler Moore) was also drafted by them. We would get a chance to play together again. Also, Aaron Crow, the guy who shut us down in regionals, would be there. It is kind of cool to know some of the guys in the draft class.

On where he was when he heard

I didn't even know they were going to draft me. I was eating and my dad called and told me. It was a surprised to go to them. I had seen that scout so many times though. He watched me play a lot.

On the frustrations of the draft

The Marlins called yesterday and said they were going to take me sometime today. And then called again today and said around the 14th round, but they obviously didn't follow through.

On his season exit interview with Ole Miss

My exit interview with Coach Bianco was great. He told me I had a spot on next year's team, and he really wanted me to stay, but he wasn't going to pressure me. He is a reason to stay for another year. Bianco is the best coach I have ever played for.

On the injury affecting his draft stock

The injury may have hurt a little bit, but I came back and finished strong. That was big for me maybe even getting drafted where I did. But I don't think the injury was a extremely big deal.

On any timetable for deciding

There is no timetable, but I do want to get it off my shoulders. Just wait it out for a minute and make a decision.. It is a blessing and something to enjoy, but it is also a tremendous decision. I'll know more when they call.

Basham Quotes

On where you were drafted

I think that's where pretty much where I was penciled in to go. To get taken by a major league team has always been a dream and I can't complain. Anybody would like to go as high as possible, but I'm happy with the White Sox.

On signing

Still up in the air. I've just got to sit down with my parents, my coaches and the White Sox and see what's best for me. I'm not leaning one way or the other right now. We'll just have to see what happens.

On his season exit meeting

They said they'd support me no matter what I decided. They would love to have me back, but if I did start my pro career they would be behind me 100 percent. If I did sign, I'd appreciate everything Ole Miss did for me. If I decide to come back, we're thinking big things like the College World Series.

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