How does the ' 07/08 Baseball Class stack up?

Chuck, Jeff, and myself were talking about how this baseball recruiting class stacks up against the past classes under Coach Bianco. My personal thoughts are that I have not seen a class that was this highly recruited (as a whole) since the '01 and '02 classes. Why? Read below.

The '01 class had LHP Eric Fowler, OF Seth Smith, C Bobby Wilson, RHP Alan Horne, RHP Josh Grant, 3B Jonathan Rodriquez, OF Root Russell, OF Drew Rogers, and C Billy Porter.

All of those guys had several SEC offers, minus Russell.

The '02 class had signees such as Stephen Head (had multiple big time offers), Brian Pettway (had multiple big time offers), LHP Brae Wright (had multiple big time offers), Mark Holliman (had multiple big time offers), Charlie Babineaux (not highly recruited but had a few D1 offers; transfer from Louisiana-Lafayette), IF Shawn Yarbrough (dont remember his recruitment much), OF Robinson (lightly recruited), Xan Barksdale (lightly recruited), RHP Chris Thompson (had several big time offers), LHP Taylor Fowler (highly recruited), and Justin Donovan (lightly recruited).

But lets take a look at the '08 class and the offers.

The 6' 0", 210 pound high school LHP Kyle Barbeck was offered and took official visits to Missouri, Ole Miss, Wichita State, and Arizona State while holding countless other big time scholarship offers. Kyle was widely considered one of the top 150 rising seniors in the country entering his senior season.

The 6' 5", 220 pound juco RHP Aaron Barrett was offered and took officials visits to Louisville, Kentucky, Miami, Kansas, and Ole Miss. Aaron was named one of the top 5 juco pitchers in the country by Baseball America going into his sophomore year. Drafted in 18th round by Mariners out of high school and, and he was drafted in the 20th round by the Twins yesterday.

The 6' 2", 170 pound juco RHP Chris Corrigan was offered and took official visits to Arizona, Arkansas, Southern Cal, and Ole Miss. Selected as one of the Top 10 juco pitchers in the country by Baseball America entering his sophomore campaign.

The 6' 2", 195 pound juco OF Taylor Hashman hit 21 HR's this year for Manatee CC (FL). We have yet to speak with him to know about the schools who did or did not offer him. Nor do we know his rankings by any of the services.

The 6' 2", 200 pound high school catcher C Taylor Hightower was offered and took official visits to Ole Miss, Auburn, Virginia, and Georgia Tech. He also held more countless other scholarships before narrowing it down to these four schools. Was rated as one of the Top 151 players in the country by Baseball America entering his senior season. Drafted by the Rockies in the 42nd round.

The 6' 3", 195 pound RHP out of Illinois Brett Huber was offered and took visits to South Carolina, Virginia, Clemson, Missouri, Michigan State, and Ole Miss. He was named one of the Top 50 high school pitchers in the country by Perfect Games.

The 6' 3", 210 pound juco OF David Phillips said he narrowed it down to Texas A&M (dad played there), Nebraska and Kentucky. It is unclear if he ever visited or was offered by any of these schools. He simply said he narrowed it down to those schools. Drafted in the 45th round by the Mets.

The 6' 5", 200 pound high school 1B Matt Snyder was ranked the #74 player in the country by Baseball America entering his senior season. Was offered by LSU, Alabama, Clemson (father played at Clemson), Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Marshall, and Vandy before deciding on Ole Miss.

The 6' 5", 205 pound high school 3B Mike Snyder who could play OF on the next level, narrowed it down to the same schools his brother, Matt (LSU, Alabama, Clemson (father played at Clemson), Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Marshall, and Vandy). Named one of the top 250 prospects in the country by Baseball America entering his senior season. Mike and Matt's older brother Brandon Snyder was a 1st round draft pick by the Baltimore Orioles in the '05 draft. Their father pitched in the majors for 12 years and their grandfather pitched during World War 11.

On a side note with Mike and Matt, they made it clear to MLB that they did not attend on going the pro route and wanted to attend Ole Miss. This hurt both of their stock to get drafted as we saw the same thing happen to Cody Satterwhite when he came out of Jackson Hillcrest Christian.

The 6' 4", 215 pound high school RHP Kyle Thornton out of Tupelo was recruited by Ole Miss, MSU, LSU, Kentucky, Texas, USM, and MTSU. We are not sure which ones did or did not offer. He committed before he began the official visit process.

The 6' 1", 195 pound high school LHP Blair Wright out of Memphis was recruited by Tennessee, Ole Miss, Memphis, and MTSU. We do not believe he held anymore scholarship offers.

Overall Analysis

Offers do not mean everything, as you can go back and look at some of the talented "01 and "02 classes that never panned out, but we have not seen a better way to get an idea of what you have coming in than by looking at who else was after them.

When you beat out Arizona State for their top juco and high school pitching prospect, you know you have accomplished something, as we all know about their history and recent success in the NCAA tournaments.

Going on that factor alone, this could be Bianco's best since the '01 and '02 classes.

The national rankings by Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball will come out in September. It will be interesting to see where they put this class.

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