1B Matt Snyder breaks HR record

The 6' 5 1/2", 205 pound 1B out of Westfield (VA) saw the draft come and go without his name on it, but that is just the way Matt wanted it.

"When me and my brother (Mike Snyder) filled out the papers, we told them to not worry about us because we were going to Ole Miss," added Matt Snyder. "That has been our mindset ever since we signed. There is nothing that can keep us from going. We have seen our older brother Brandon Snyder go through the process, and we just want to go to college. He was a 1st round pick, and he gave us a lot of insight into what it is all about. The (baseball) league is not going anywhere. We will be there in a few years. We just want to enjoy our college experience and play in the best league (SEC) in the country."

Matt was named the #74 baseball prospect in the country by Baseball America entering his senior season and he certainly did not disappoint.

"I broke Virginia's 3A record for HR's with 15. We only played in 23 games. In Virginia, it is not like a lot of the other states were you have 30 and 40 game schedules. That is what makes that record so special. Also, I broke the school record for HR's that my older brother (Brandon) held. That was my big goal going into my senior season. I wanted to break his record. Setting the state record was just icing on the cake."

Snyder hit .440 with 15 Hr's, 40 RBI's, and 19 walks in 23 games this season.

"I was named the Concord District Player of the Year, Northern Region Player of the Year, and I was the All-Met Player of the Year. That area includes all of Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland."

What improvements did Matt see at the plate?

"My power numbers and walks. But I say my power numbers the most. Like I said, I wanted to break Brandon's school record and he had 9. I worked hard to break that record. I do not think he likes it either, deep down (laugh), but he could not be anymore happier for me."

Where did the added power come from?

"Well,. last year I hit .431 with 5 Hr's and 31 RBI's but I missed a lot of my junior year because of a hamstring injury. This year I was 100% and I just felt good up there at the plate."

Snyder was just effective at 1B.

"I only had 2 errors this year and they were tough plays. It was just one of those things, and last year I only had 1 or 2 errors. I take pride in my defense. You can't be a complete player unless you can field as well as hit."

Matt Smith broke the Ole Miss freshman record at Ole Miss with 14 Hr's. Has Snyder given any thought about playing another position when he reports to Ole Miss?

"I have not spoken to the Ole Miss coaches about that yet. I followed Matt Smith's season all year and that was awesome what he did out there. If I need to play another position, I am ready for it. I just want to be out there on the field somewhere. And if I am not, and we are winning, then I will be all good. The most important thing is just winning. I am not leaving there without us going to the World Series. We expect to do big things when we get over there."

Snyder has been keeping up with the progress with the baseball expansion on the internet.

"Every week, I show all of my teammates what the stadium is going to look like. They are all in awe and jealous that me and Mike are going to get to play in that stadium. I get chill bumps every time I go on the virtual tour. If there is a better stadium in the country, I have not seen it."

When will Matt report to Ole Miss?

"I do not know. My mother knows all of that stuff (laugh). We are going to go as soon as possible though. We don't graduate until June 18th, so it will be some time after that."

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