OM 3 Day camp review

The 3 Day Camp concluded today at noon. The last two days we have provided photos of the top players that viewed at the camp. Today, we will complete our photo gallery and go over our final analysis from the camp.

3 Day Camp Photos
Day 111

OL Josh Williford

Jonathan Henderson

Julian Jones

Shaquil Hudson

Steven Houston
Little Rock, AR

Eric Graham

Clayton Moore

Josh Porter
Jim Hill

Robert Johnson

3 Day Camp Tidbits

**While Clayton Moore left Ole Miss dejected about not getting a formal offer, we hear that Ole Miss and Clayton will be in talks in the coming days to clear the confusion that the All-State QB relayed during his interview yesterday.

**As we reported earlier, OL Josh Williford, was offered by the Rebels. The 6' 7", 345 pound giant told me that he was also offered by LSU at their camp yesterday.

I would suspect you about to see Josh's stock jump through the roof

**WR Robert Johnson, no not the legendary blues singer, but rather the football prospect from Oak Grove (MS) that is a rising junior, is simply a super stud.

We would be shocked if he is not a national recruit come next recruiting season.

He is already built like a college receiver (6' 2", 200'ish looking) and has the best hands we have seen in quite some time now.

Robert came to the game field to catch Clayton's passes in the private workout in front of Nutt and Austin.

**The other WR they brought out to catch Clayton's balls Jim Hill's Josh Porter.

Josh is quick as a cat and also possesses great hands. He is a rising junior.

Keep your ears out for both Johnson and Porter men next recruiting season. Both are expected back at the Ole Miss Sr Camp on July 26th.

**A third player came out to the private workout session and his name is CB Eric Graham out of Blount (AL).

Coach Vaughn was working with Eric closely. He needs to work on his speed a little bit, from a corner standpoint, but he looked like he has the potential down the road. Eric is a rising junior.

**OT Jonathan Henderson ran a 5.1, 4.93, and 4.82 forty during the camp.

**We heard that QB Drew Allen was coming in tomorrow but Allen will not make it in town.

**A running back that stated he got an offer from Ole Miss is Little Rock's Steven Houston.

We hear that Steven is a rising junior and we will fill in the blanks as we learn more about the young man.

**Tomorrow, Coach Nutt will hold his first Passing Camp at Ole Miss. There will not be as many teams participating this year as we have seen in the past. We believe there will be a total of 8 teams playing. We will confirm the list of teams playing tomorrow. Right now, the only two we have confirmed are South Panola and Noxubee County.

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