Mike Snyder ready to get started at Ole Miss

There is one thing you learn when you talk to the Snyder brothers.

"The competition is very intense between me and Matt," said Mike Snyder. "But as competitive as it can be, I am still very proud of him. Look at what he did this year. Matt hit 15 HR's in 23 games. You get MVP when you do that, but of course when he hits one, I want to hit one even further. It is natural if someone is doing better than you, you want to do better. It is something we strive off of each other."

Luckily the pair will stay together on the next level and play for the University of Mississippi.

"We can't wait to get over there. I mean, we talk about it everyday. What it's going to be like putting on that Ole Miss uniform together and trying to get them to Omaha. I can't describe to you how anxious we are to get started over there."

Mike's senior season at Westfield was a good one but he felt like he could have done better.

"It was pretty good, but not as good as I wanted it to be. It will just make me work that much harder in the offseason before I report to Ole Miss. Really, I had a good year, but it was not as good as I had hoped, not stacked up against last year's numbers.

Mike batted .417 with 7 Hr's, and 20 RBI's in 23 games of action. But if it were not for his brother, those numbers could have been better.

"Matt would clear it out, and then they would put me on first. I had 13 walks in just the last 5 games alone. But I am not complaining because if Matt is doing good, then that means our team is doing good."

The 6' 5", 205 pound 3B did see some improvements at the plate.

"I personally think I was more experienced and smarter at the plate. From start to finish, I saw the ball better this year than last year, even though my numbers were better last year. I definitely hit it a lot harder when they pitched it to me. You naturally get better as you gain more experience."

In the field, Snyder admitted that he was not as pleased as he was at the plate.

"I did not do as well this year as last year because I had a lot of balls ripped at me. But having said that, my arm strength definitely got better. My range is getting better but it is tough being 6' 5" playing 3B. But you learn very day at 3B, and I think I am going to get better and better at it when I get to Ole Miss."

Any chance Mike could move to the outfield due to his size?

"I guess that depends on Overbeck's future. When we get down there, they will recognize what we are best fit for. The only thing I know for sure is that I will have to earn a spot, because nothing is going to be given to me. They stress that it is all about competition once you get there. May the best man win (the starting spot)."

Has Mike ever played anymore positions besides 3B?

"Never. I have played 3B my whole life, but I will play CF if I have to. I just want to play. I will leave that up to them to determine where I need to play. They will know best."

The Rebels are losing several starters to the draft this year and that has left the door open for the incoming freshmen.

"To be honest, from the beginning, they have been very excited about me, Matt, Taylor Hightower, and a lot of the pitchers they signed coming in. Coach Rob told me he was disappointed in the outcome of the season but they have some new blood coming in. They told us from the beginning that they are very excited to get some corner guys (3B/1B) coming in with me and Matt. I know Taylor got drafted, but I think it looks good for him to be at Ole Miss. Now you have your corner guys and catcher for the next few years. We have a lot of young talent coming in."

What are Mike personal expectations for his freshman season?

"Just to earn a (starting) spot. Like I said, I am not a kid who will come in with the big head. My dad and brother (Brandon Snyde) told me that you have to earn your spot. I just want to compete in the greatest baseball conference in the country and have a better season next year than I did this year. Those are my expectations."

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