A few summer tidbits. . . .

Solid info is scarce in the summer, but going to the camps, we've managed to pick up a few items of interest about the returning players and incoming freshman on campus.

Hunt, scratch and peck. . .

That's how it is in the summer when you are looking for football information.

One, what the players on campus in summer school are doing right now is mostly behind closed doors until after July 4th. You can sneak around and get a peek here and there, but sustained looks are discouraged.

Two, from what little we have seen this summer, what's taking place is somewhat mundane. It's called work and the rewards will not be seen for another month or two.

The "new" freshmen on campus are still in the learning process. Proper weightlifting techniques and proper execution of necessary speed and agility drills are still being taught.

For the veterans now on campus, which includes all but CB Dustin Mouzon, who will report after July 4th for second semester of summer school I have been told, Strength & Conditioning Coach Don Decker is starting to turn up the heat on workouts as the season approaches.

Decker's philosophy is to aim for the athletes to peak, conditioning-wise, just before August camp opens up, which translates into a gradual rise throughout the summer in workout intensity.

Workout groups are running 110s and agility drills between their daily lifting routines.

Individually, among the veterans, there is not much to report yet. . . DE Kentrell Lockett has gained 17 pounds since spring practice and is now settling in at 242 pounds. His goal is 250 before August practice starts, a reachable goal. . . LB Allen Walker has put on 8 solid pounds since spring and is now creeping over the 220 mark. . . OT John Jerry has returned to practice after missing most of spring with a medical problem.

The two most impressive looking freshmen are RBs Brandon Bolden and Enrique Davis, who are virtual bookends athletes. Both are roughly 6-0 tall and both weigh 216-218 pounds. Both vertical jumped 35" and both registered 7% body fat, we were told. Enrique may be an inch shorter than Brandon, but, being a year older, he's a little stronger in the bench press. Both, we have been told, have plenty of speed.

DE Justin Smith has also been impressive. He's in the 250-260-pound range and there's not much body fat to worry about. His quickness off the ball in agility drills has been lauded and his work ethic is already turning heads.

QB Nathan Stanley needs to put on 10-15 pounds, but there's been a positive buzz about his arm strength and quick release. We have not seen him throw, but those who have are excited about his potential and future.

FB H.R. Greer has shown an outstanding work ethic already. He's going to be a blue collar type guy, but with 4.7 speed and a 35" vertical jump, there is some explosivness in his arsenal.

Big OL Kermit Tyler has an excellent frame and good feet, but we hear the sticking point for him right now is his bend and flexibility, which is being worked on constantly in individual workouts.

WR Melvin Harris broke his foot a couple of weeks ago and has been reduced to watching workouts. He is expected to be out four more weeks.

Walkon CB/S Marcus Temple, another Hargrave product, is short in stature, but rocked up, strong, active and quick.

Grapevine talk within the staff is indicating LB Patrick Trahan is "doing well" in his summer course work at NWCC, but he's got to take another course in July that will tell the final tale. Keep your fingers crossed for Patrick.

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