The wait is over; Rebs offer QB Clayton Moore

It was just an ordinary summer day until Clayton's phone rang.

"I was sitting there watching Tiger (Woods) on TV this afternoon, which was amazing by the way, and my head coach (Peterson) called and said I have some good news for you," added Clayton Moore. "He told me that he just got off the phone with Coach Nutt and he offered me. He was kind of whispering it to Coach Peterson because he was in the middle of a golf tournament, so I am going to wait until he talks to him again tomorrow and then I am going to call Coach Nutt. The only thing I know for sure is that Coach Nutt said he sent in my scholarship in the mail and I should be getting it any day."

What was the All-State QB's reaction to receiving an offer from the school he had been holding out, for what seems like ages.

Clayton Moore

"Man, I am excited. This is my first SEC offer. I have been waiting and waiting and finally I got it. It puts a smile on my face. But I want everyone to know this too. I am thankful for all of my offers. I am truly blessed."

Clayton stated that he was almost hurt by not getting an offer from Ole Miss after their camp last week. Does this mend the fences?

"I mean, I was disappointed when they did not offer me on the spot. Now that I have one, I still wonder why they did not offer me before. I think those questions will be answered, hopefully, when I talk to Coach Nutt tomorrow about everything that has transpired over the last week or so. But in the big picture, I think it will all be water under the bridge now that they have offered me."

Where does Clayton go from here; in terms of his recruitment?

"Man, that is a good question (laugh). A tough question. I am going to Florida tomorrow. I am camping at Florida on Wednesday. This is kind of like a last minute deal. They got in touch and said they did not have a QB they felt comfortable with and said if I am good enough, they will offer. Florida is a cool place too. You know they have alligators in their ditches and creeks? That's wild. I watched Ole Miss almost beat Florida last year though."

Which camps has Moore taken in?

"I have been to Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee, and I am going to Florida for sure. I might go to FSU in July. They told me that if they thought I could hang with the big dogs, to come on, so I am going to show them what I can do. But then again, in the middle of July, I might already be committed. It should be an interesting next couple of days. The Tennessee camp went really good. I really think there is a chance I could be getting an offer from them as early this week. I ran a 4.7 and a 4.74 at the Kentucky camp. Dennis Thames ran a 4.36 at the Kentucky camp. They were pretty blown away by that. I spoke with Coach Brewer at Okl State. He told me that they were about to offer Drew Allen, but I am still their number one guy. They offered me first, but they said they needed to take two QB's now."

Oklahoma State is not the only college team that is taking a hard look at both Drew and Clayton. Ole Miss just lost one of their two 2008 QB signees to the baseball draft in Chris Wilkes. Now they have extended offers to both Drew and Clayton with hopes of finding two QB signees in the upcoming class.

"It seems like all of the schools are down to me and Drew. At Tennessee, me and Drew are their top 2 QB's. And Kentucky and Ole Miss, its the same thing. They told me that we are their top two QB's on their board. I guess we will be hearing a lot about each other."

Does's #36 nationally rated QB look at the other QB's the schools he is in interested in is recruiting?

"Personally, it does not bother me. I am not afraid of competition. I look at it as a way to make me better. I am going to go to where I want to go. I am not worried about who they sign. But if I feel they want another QB more, then I will not go there. But I do not care how many they sign as long as I know I am their number one guy."

Moore now holds offers from Ole Miss, Louisville, Pitt, Iowa, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana, New Mexico State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, USM, East Carolina, and several more.

The 6' 2", 205 pound signal caller led his team to the State Championship as a junior and had over 4, 000 yards of offense and 42 TD's.

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