Mississippi Top 40

Today we will look at the preseason #16 ranked player out of the State of Mississippi.

#16 Ranked Player in Mississippi

Aubrey Phillips
Olive Branch
City: Olive Branch, MS
6' 6", 345, 5.5
Date of Birth:
February 18, 1990
Primary Position:
Projected Position:

2007 Football Season:
3 year starter for Booker T. Washington (TN). Started both ways as a junior and collected 68 tackles at defensive tackle and only gave up "2 or 3" sacks on the offensive side of the ball.

Why Top 40 in Football:
"I think I should be on the preseason list because I work hard and have a good attitude. I do not care what anybody says to me. I do not let them get me down. I just keep working hard to get to the next level."

Colleges interested in Aubrey:
Tenn, FSU, MSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Penn State, Memphis, and USM

Scholarship offers:
Tennessee, Alabama, MSU, Duke, Penn State, and Memphis

Scouts at Spring practice:
Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, MSU, Memphis

Received phone calls from:
Tennessee and Memphis

Phillips' top school:
Committed to Tennessee

"I picked Tennessee because I feel like they are family with Coaches Atkins and Fulmer. They were the first school to start recruiting me, and the atmosphere is real friendly. It just feels like I belong there."

Spring Visits: Ole Miss and Memphis

Summer Camps: Tennessee, Alabama, and Ole Miss

Tell us something nobody else knows: "I am really a shy person. I do not go out. I keep it to myself. I do not like to talk a lot. I make good grades to show people I do my work. It feels great to get out of Memphis where all of the gang banging is going on. It is real peaceful over here in (Olive Branch) Mississippi. Everybody respects the next person. I love it over here."

Best Player faced: #68 for Ripley

If not Aubrey Phillips, who'll be Mr. Football for 2008: Rod Woodson

Game I'm most anticipating: South Panola

Aubrey Phillips
Other athletes in my family: None

Favorite college team(s) growing up: Florida

Favorite college football player: Tim Tebow

Favorite pro football player: Adrien Petterson

Favorite Pro Team: Indy Colts

Favorite Food: Hot Wings

Favorite Movie:

In my CD Player: 50 Cents

Favorite Video: Does not play video games

Pre-game hype song: "Somebody is going to die tonight" by 50 cents

Biggest Influences: Mom

Biggest Fan: Stepfather

Biggest Fear: Failure

2nd Best Sport: Basketball

First thing if I sign pro contract: Buy grandmother a new house

Dream date:Alisha Keys

Grades: 3.9 GPA / 17 ACT

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