Coach Vaughn makes impact with Florida DB

The 6' 2", 181 pound athlete from Lakewood high school has seen his stock sky rocket as of late.

The St. Petersburg (FL) resident's leadership and athleticism on the field is causing coaches from all over the country to take notice.

"Last year was a learning experience," stated the well spoken Jaquez Jenkins. "We were a very young team. We didn't have a lot of seniors. I played quarterback for the first time and we missed the playoffs due to one play. Overall it was a great season."

What type of stats did the talented athlete from Florida pile up?

"I had 700 yards passing, 400 yards rushing, 350 receiving and 200 yards on kick returns on offense. On defense I had 50 tackles and 1 interception."

What position did the Lakewood star enjoy playing the most?

"I mainly played quarterback but I also played some wide receiver. On defense I played safety and cornerback. I enjoyed played quarterback the most. I am not afraid to have the focus on me. I like being the leader of my team."

What schools have offered Jenkins?

"Arkansas offered me today. I also have offers from North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Syracuse, Indiana, South Florida, Louisville, Cincinnati, Ole Miss and Kansas."

What position is the Lakewood signal caller being recruiting to play at the next level?

"Most schools like me at wide receiver, safety or cornerback."

Is the multipurpose athlete attending any camps this summer?

"Yes. I am going to South Florida's camp tomorrow. That will be my first camp of the season. I have been resting my hamstring. I may go to a few more after that but I'm not sure."

Have any coaches stood out in the recruiting process for Jenkins?

"First let me say that I have enjoyed every coach that is recruiting me, but I really enjoy Coach Vaughn from Ole Miss. He is down to earth and we talk about everything. We talk music, football and game nights, and being homesick. He's really put his arm around me and let me know that he would be a father figure for me."

What position is Ole Miss looking for Jenkins to play?

"They want me to play in the secondary. Coach Vaughn told me that he would like to see me at safety or cornerback. He told me I could play which ever I was the most comfortable with."

Is there a decision coming soon for the Florida prep star?

"My parents and I are going to narrow the list of schools down to 5 before the season starts. I could commit early but right now I'm not sure. "

Despite all the interest Jenkins has garnered, his main focus is finishing a goal set by his team at Lakewood high school.

"Before last year we'd had a losing record for the last five or six years. We changed that last year and we were one play away from the playoffs. This year we want to go to the playoffs. My teammates and I are starving for a playoff game. We are listening to our coaches and dedicating ourselves to getting better however we can."

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