Rebel commit feeling the heat

One of Mississippi's top overall prospects has had a chance to take in several camps this summer.

"That is all I have been doing," added a tired Emmanuel McCray after leaving the practice field from a summer conditioning program. "I have been working out every day. I am pretty sore, tired, just putting in a hard day's work. I went to USM's camp and last weekend I went to a team camp at Alabama. I went over to MSU for a day, and my last camp is going to be to Ole Miss'. I do not plan on going to anymore after that one, but I know for sure I am going to Ole Miss in late July."

How did the USM camp go?

"It was cool. It was actually held at Hinds CC. They worked you hard for two hours. I talked to their OL coach and their recruiting coordinator. They have always been looking at me. They just told me that they were going to be keeping in contact with me and that they would love to change my mind (from my commitment to Ole Miss) blah/blah/blah (laugh)."

And the MSU Sr Camp?

"Me and a few of my teammates drove down there with Coach Lane. We met some of the MSU players and coaches. I did real good at that camp. I had a good showing, and I learned a few things as well. Their coaches told me how important I was to their class, and they told me that the whole recruiting process can become real confusing. They told me that a verbal is non-binding. They just basically told me how badly they wanted me, and told me more about their program and what the future holds for them. Nothing major."

What about the Alabama camp?

"They had a lot of talent. I was surprised by that. None of the other camps had near the talent there that Alabama had. It was a 7 on 7 and OL/DL camp. I went there because the coaches wanted our team to get some experience at a bigger school, out of Mississippi. The camp in general was fun. It did not really seem like they were too interested in me because they did not know who I was. Their coaches never talked to me, but that does not matter, I was never going there anyway."

The 6' 5", 285 pound offensive tackle committed early to the Rebels but stated that he was keeping his options "open" as of last report.

Did he see anything at the other schools to make him reconsider his commitment?

"I am still confident in my decision (commitment to OM). I am ready to see their (OM) camp but I am still confident. MSU was nice, but they did not do anything to change my mind. I am still solid with Ole Miss."

What will the Forest Hill product key in on while he is at the Ole Miss camp?

"I just want to see the faces again, get reacquainted with everyone. I want to show them what they are about to get for the next few years. I want to see how Coach Markuson treats his players on the field. He might do a bunch of yelling and screaming (laugh). You never know until you see them in action. Really, I just want to have a good showing."

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