Rebels backing off of local product?

The 6' 5", 245 pound tight end out of Oxford (MS) is spending the summer in Florida training with his father.

"My dad wanted me to come down here to get me to the next level," added Dan Hicks. "Me and my dad work out every day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's we do upper body. Tuesday and Thursday we do lower body and we also do Aerobic on those days. I really feel like I have gotten stronger and I feel faster. I am working on a lot of drills, cones. I feel like it is making a big difference."

Dan's father, Dan Footman, knows a thing or two about what it takes to get to the next level, as he played for FSU and later went on to play in the NFL for 11 years with Cleveland, Baltimore, and the Colts.

"I see my son and see a lot of myself at that age," added Dan Footman. "He has all of the skills that are needed but he has not refined them yet. I was the same way. I played fullback in junior college and then I got moved to defensive end and took off. Dan has a great mind and great skills. I am just trying to help him reach his potential."

Any advise from father to son?

"The main advise dad gives me is that he is not one of those people who will force me to go to a school. It is my decision, but at the same time, he wants to help guide me down the right road."

Which colleges are staying in contact this summer?

"It has mainly been Stanford and MSU. My mom said USM and MTSU have been calling a lot too."

Which schools stand out right now?

"I am trying to make contact with FSU, South Carolina, and Florida. I also like MSU and Stanford right now. Those are my top 5."

What stands out about MSU?

"The reason I pick them is due to them staying in contact with me. I also like the way the program is ran. They are not going to do anything crazy with me and hurt my talent or anything. They are just going to make me better."

And Stanford?

"They have been staying in contact with me like MSU but not as much. They just tell me about their academic programs and tell me to keep up the good work. I also have a friend, Jonathan Frink, who goes there. It would be a new environment for me, but at the same time, I would have someone to show me the ropes."

Where does his hometown university, Ole Miss, stand?

"They wanted me to come to their camp, but I will be in Florida. They really have not been in contact with me. There is not much going on with Ole Miss."

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