Rising Junior will be one to watch

One of the better overall players at the Ole Miss 3 day camp just happens to be a rising junior from Oak Grove High.

The 6' 1", 205 pound receiver ran a 4.51 forty, sported a camp best 4.07 three cone, and turned in a 30" vertical.

But what surprised us most was not his SEC looking body at such a young age, nor his explosiveness, but rather his hands and route running.

Robert Johnson ran presise routes and had sticky hands.

Robert Johnson

"Last year I had a new position I wanted to play. I busted my butt over the summer to get the starting position at WR but they moved me to CB in the 3rd game until the playoffs, and then they put me back at WR at the end of the season. Right after the Hattiesburg game. I played WR and CB after that game. This year I am going to go both ways. I will come in on offense first and then I will come in on defense for a few plays."

The Hattiesburg native had 11 tackles, 1 interception for a TD, 1 defensive fumble recovery and a 33 yard per catch average.

"I like to have the ball in my hands. That is why I like WR so much. I can make plays."

How did the Ole Miss camp go?

"I went in and they started talking to me as soon as I hit the door because I have known the Nix brothers since they were at USM. The WR coach at Ole Miss was the first school to come watch me practice, so we got that connection."

Johnson felt like the camp helped his game.

"I did not know how to get off the press coverage. The wrist is the weakest pat of the body. You can just grab it and do anything. I left their knowing I can hang with any CB in Mississippi. I know that."

Was this Johnson's first trip to Oxford?

"Yes sir."

What were Robert's thoughts on Ole Miss?

"I liked it, campus wise. I could see myself going to Ole Miss if it came down to it. They have a good campus with a lot of histroy at it. I also liked their new indoor facility. That was nice. I just like the way the coaches talk to you at Ole Miss. It does not matter what the situation is. They are always friendly to you. They connect with you."

Was an offer extended?

"They want me. They did not say anything about an offer but they act like I had a spot. They are already keeping up with my grades."

Anymore camps on the horizon?

"We will see. My dad wanted me to go over to the Alabama camp, but I have to see if I am going or not. That one will probably be the next one I go to."

Robert had a chance to also take in a few more camps before Ole Miss'.

"I went over to the MSU, USM, and UAB camps."

How did the State visit go?

"It was a one day camp. We did a lot of the same stuff at Ole Miss. We did the vertical jump, all of that stuff. It was kind of like a combine and then we went to our position. It was all the same things."

What stood out about MSU?

"I liked how they were trying to influence you to get your grades straight. They talked about it a lot. They talked about it at all three camps really."

What stood out about USM?

"It was kind of the same concept as Ole Miss really. Since they have a whole new staff, I didn't know anyboyd but Coach Fedora. He was talking to me as soon as I ghit the door too. It was kind of the same concept as Ole Miss."

Any awards at the camps?

"I won Best WR at S at USM and Best WR at Ole Miss. MSU did not give out any awards."

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