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Today we will look at Mississippi's #11 ranked recruit.

#11 Ranked Player in Mississippi

David Conner
South Panola
City: Batesville, MS
5' 11", 190, 4.51 at USM camp (275 bench/350 squat)
Date of Birth:
November 10, 1989
Primary Position:
Projected Position:

2007 Football Season:
98 tackles, 18 for loss, 14 sacks, 4 blocked punts, 5 blocked extra points/field goals, 3 forced fumbles, 4 recovered fumbles. Named 1st Team All-State for all classifications by Clarion Ledger. Earned Region 1(5A) Defensive Player of the Year.

Why Top 40 in Football:
"I am a team leader. I never stop. I always keep us going. When I am tired, I try to make the best out of myself. I keep pulling to play hard. Last year I was one of the leaders as a junior. I try to help the guys keep going when they are falling in their reps or stuff like that. I am always trying to keep the team going."

"The first thing that comes to mind when you think about David is his speed," stated South Panola head coach, Lance Pogue. "The kid can flat out fly. He played cornerback for us until last year and then we moved him over to the rover spot, where you play OLB but you line up at the rush end a lot of times. David is a heck of a blitzer. He is also a great cover person. We put him on their best WR to cover him up. He blocked 4 punts for us last year. He just has a knack of making plays. We are going to use him some at tailback next year for us. He brings that Tig (Barksdale) explosiveness to that position. I found out last year that a player his size, like Alonzo Larwence, can go both ways and not wear down at the end of the year. I might be biased, but I have not see a better football player in the state than David Conner."

Colleges interested in Conner:
Auburn, Ole Miss, MSU, and Oklahoma are the most consistent. Arkansas, LSU, USM, and Alabama are also showing a lot of interest.

David Conner

Scholarship offers: Ole Miss, MSU, USM, and Auburn

Closest to offering next:
Alabama or Oklahoma

Scouts at Spring practice:
Auburn, Ole Miss, and USM

Received phone calls from:
Auburn, Ole Miss, MSU, and USM

David's top schools:
Auburn, Ole Miss, MSU, USM, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and LSU

"The town is not that big. It is really calm and collected over there. I am a small town boy, so that is what I am looking for. I have always dreamed of being up there. I am a Tiger here and have always dreamed of being a Tiger for life. My favorite two players are Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown. They were also one of my favorite teams growing up."

Ole Miss: "When I went over there for Jr Day, they treated my like I was at home. It is also close to home, and I have some kins who play over there. I also love Coach Nutt. I like how he is running things over there. Their players are listening closely, because like I said, I have some relatives who play over there right now so they are giving me the low down. I actually loved Coach Nutt when he was at Arkansas. I would love to be coached by him. That is why Ole Miss is a big factor with me right now. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if they would use me in that Wild Hawg set like they used Darren McFadden too. That is how I am going to be used at South Panola next year. They are going to line me up at QB and RB like Arkansas did McFadden. I am having a blast with it. I hope I can get that chance at Ole Miss."

MSU: "I like how Coach Croom is running that team. He cares more about the team than just being a player. He cares about you making your grades, getting your degree, and staying spiritual with your life. He takes the whole team to churches on Sundays. I just like how he is running things down there."

USM: "Their colors stand out to me. I love their colors. I also think their campus is beautiful. I want to major in Physical Therapy. My goal is to be a therapist after my football days are over, and Coach Tony Hughes has been really staying on me about my grades. He really stresses staying on your books. He has been an inspiring person for me to look up to."

Oklahoma: "They started sending me a whole lot of stuff recently, and they wanted me to come to their Sr camp in July, but I have a family reunion on the same day so I can not make it. But I really do want to check them out. I do not know too much about Oklahoma other than they send a lot of players to the league. I was taking a virtual tour of their campus on the internet the other day, and I like how they have everything set up. It is a pretty campus. I also love Adrien Petterson. He is my favorite pro player and he came from Oklahoma."

Arkansas: "Like I said earlier, I liked what Coach Nutt did up there. I have been watching them for a while. My favorite college player was Darren McFadden. I loved how they used him at Arkansas. I am trying to pattern my game after his."

LSU: "They are just a great team. They play their hearts out each and every day. They also stress academics over there. I have some people who stay over there so I could stay with them if I went to school down there. They could show me around, and I would not be all by myself if I went to school at LSU."

Summer Camps: USM (SR camp) Ole Miss (3 Day in June and SR on July 26th) and Auburn (SR camp on July 7th)

Tell us something nobody else knows: "When I was four, I was shot in the eye by a pellet gun. I survived that. My mom still has the X-rays from that. I almost lost my eye, but God blessed me, and I have no lasting effects from it. A lot of people do not know that I sing in the choir for our church."

Nickname: "D.C."

Best Player faced: William Moore (Provine)

If not David Conner, who'll be Mr. Football for 2008: Chad Bumphis

Game I'm most anticipating: Apopka (FL)

Other athletes in my family: Derek Pegues (MSU), Darius Barksdale, John Jerry (Ole Miss), Peria Jerry (Ole Miss), Jamarca Samford (Ole Miss), Barry Conner (Uncle played for Ole Miss), Raymond Barskdale (Uncle who played for N' West CC)

Favorite college team(s) growing up: LSU

Favorite college football player: Derek Pegues

Favorite pro football player:Adrien Petterson

Favorite Pro Team: New York Giants

Favorite Food: Chicken Strips

Favorite Movie:
Which way is up

Favorite Video: Play Station 2

In my CD Player: Plies

Biggest Influences: Mom

Biggest Fan: Little Kids

Biggest Fear: Dying

2nd Best Sport: Basketball

First thing if I sign pro contract: By mom a new house

Dream date: Mariah Carey

Grades: 3.4 Core GPA

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