Mississippi Top 40

Today we will look at Mississippi's #7 ranked preseason prospect.

#7 Ranked Player in Mississippi

Pat Patterson
Noxubee County
City: Mecon, MS
6' 2", 210, 4.65
Date of Birth:
March 17, 1991
Primary Position:
Projected Position:

2007 Football Season:
Patterson caught 58 catches for 1, 223 yards and 14 TD's last season.

Why Top 40 in Football:
"Because of the stats I put up."

Main colleges interested in Pat:
Arkansas, Auburn, MSU, Ole Miss, USM, Michigan, and LSU

Pat Patterson

Scholarship offers: Arkansas, Auburn, MSU, Ole Miss, USM, and LSU

Closest to offering next:

Scouts at Spring practice:
MSU, USM, Ole Miss, Auburn, Michigan, LSU, and Alabama

Received phone calls from:
USM, MSU, LSU, Alabama, and Ole Miss

Patterson's top schools:
LSU, MSU, USM, and Ole Miss

: "They send a lot of WR's to the league and they compete for titles every year."

MSU: "I like the way they compete."

USM: "They are supposed to throw the ball this year. I went to their spring game and they threw it a lot."

Ole Miss
: "I like Coach (Derrick) Nix and their facilities are nice."

Summer Camps: Ole Miss (Passing) and Alabama (Passing)

Tell us something nobody else knows: "When I was younger, I did not make the flag football team."

Best Player faced: Dennis Thames

If not Pat Patterson, who'll be Mr. Football for 2008: Dennis Thames

Game(s) I'm most anticipating: West Point and Louisville

Other athletes in my family: James Patterson (brother plays for East MS CC)

Favorite college team(s) growing up: Tennessee

Favorite college football player: Derek Pegues

Favorite pro football player: Anquan Bolden

Favorite Pro Team: Indy Colts

Favorite Food:Chicken Spaghetti

Favorite Movie:
Friday Night Lights

Favorite Video: NCAA '08

In my CD Player: Lil' Wayne

Pregame Hype Song:
"We ready"

Biggest Influence: Father

Biggest Fan: Mom

Biggest Fear: Knee injury

2nd Best Sport: Baseball

First thing if I sign pro contract: Buy parents a new house

Dream date: Shani Lathom

Grades: 3.0 GPA / 16 ACT

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