Florida receiver set to visit Ole Miss today

The 6' 1" 180 pound Gulliver Prep standout turned many heads when he ran a 4.41 forty at the Under Armour / Scout.com combine. He parlayed that into several scholarship offers, including one from Ole Miss, where he will take in a one day visit today.

"Me and my dad are flying into Troy this (Monday) morning and then we are headed over to Ole Miss on Tuesday," added Conner Vernon. "I have offers right now from Duke, Wake Forest, Troy, and Ole Miss."

What got the 2nd Team All-Dade selection interested in Ole Miss?

"A former coach of ours is now coaching down there, and they are an SEC school. From a football standpoint, I hear they have a great staff. I am excited to check things out down there."

The staff at Ole Miss has made an impact with Vernon.

"I really like Coach (Chris) Vaughn. He is great. I talk to him a bunch. I saw him at our Spring practice and we get along as well as any coach that is recruiting me. And Coach (George) Biaz, I have known him for a long time. He is real cool. I also talk to Coach Dickerson a lot too. He is their WR coach. I like all of those guys. We talk a lot. I hear they have a great campus too and some really nice facilities. I can't wait to see it for myself."

Troy is also still in the picture.

"Me and Coach Scott, their RB coach, have developed a good relationship. I also heard nothing but good things about their campus so I am looking forward to getting over there too."

Duke brings a lot of positives to the table.

"They are a great school. I finally got a chance to meet their coaches over there. I like their WR coach a lot. The campus is great, and their academics speak for itself. I like how they are trying to turn that program around."

Wake Forest is a program on the rise.

"The same as Duke, their academics speak for itself. It is a lot smaller than Duke, but their campus is pretty. They just redid their stadium. That was cool. They are a program on the rise in the ACC. They won 20 games the last two years. They are definitely a program I am looking at hard."

When it does come decision time; there will be one main factor.

"Can I see myself there for 4 or 5 years? It is real simple for me. From an academic standpoint, they are going to all bring something positive to the table. I am just going where ever I feel the most comfortable."

Vernon had 38 catches for 638 yards and 5 TD's for Gulliver Prep as a junior.

"My hands and route running are definitely my strength, but I have enough speed where I can separate from the defender on my routes."

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