Mississippi Top 40

Today we will look at Mississippi's #5 preseason rated prospect.

#5 Ranked Player in Mississippi

Dennis Thames
City: Louisville, MS
6' 0", 185, 4.36 at Kentucky Camp (240 bench/410 squat)
Date of Birth:
May 18, 1990
Primary Position:
Projected Position:

2007 Football Season:
Over 1, 800 yards of offense and 19 TD's. 93 tackles, 5 int's, and 4 defensive Td's

Why Top 40 in Football:
"Because I work hard and try to get a long with my teammates and be a team leader and not a follower. I try to show them it is better to be a leader than a follower by showing up for every weight lifting session, summer conditioning session, and going at it 100% at each practice. I try to lead by example and not by my mouth."

Main colleges interested in Dennis:
Ole Miss, MSU, Michigan, and Auburn

Dennis Thames

Scholarship offers: Ole Miss, MSU, Michigan, Auburn, Kentucky, and Arkansas

Scouts at Spring practice:
Michigan, Tennessee, Auburn, MSU, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Kentucky, and LSU

Received phone calls from:
Michigan, Auburn, MSU, and Ole Miss

Kentucky, Tennessee, and plans to attend the Ole Miss Sr camp on Saturday.

Dennis' top schools:
Michigan, Ole Miss, MSU, Tennessee, and LSU

: "I went up there this summer and stayed in Detroit with my Uncle. I got a chance to see their campus and everything that surrounds it. They have good people up there and they really stood out to me, but I want to take some other visits and see what everybody else has to offer first."

Ole Miss: "I went up there and met their coaches. Me, Coach Peterson and Clayton Moore went to see them practice, and I saw how close everyone is and how everyone works together. I saw how the coaches acted towards the players and how the players acted towards the coaches. It is a real family oriented atmosphere up there. I saw that it would be a good place for me to play, and they made me feel at home, but I am still not ready to commit. I am looking forward to going up there this weekend to check it out again."

MSU: "I have not taken a visit up there yet, but I did get a chance to talk to coach Croom at our school. We talked about some things. I have heard a lot of people talk about him. I grew up watching MSU football and going to their games. I met Coach Croom and he seems like a nice guy. Coach Stringer seems like a nice guy. I have been on that field and I know how it is up there. I guess it is that familiarity that stands out to me."

Tennessee: "I went up to their camp and it was awesome. I took a picture with Coach Fulmer and he sent it back to me in the mail. That made me feel good because I was looking good in that orange jersey (laugh). I look good in that Tennessee jersey. That stood out to me a lot."

LSU: "I have always been a LSU fan. That is who I grew up a fan of since I was a little kid. Louisiana, that is where it is at. I know if I went to LSU; I would not have a quicker way to get that ring. A lot stands out about LSU, really."

Tell us something nobody else knows: "I hang out with my QB (Clayton Moore) everyday and we just chill. You see some players that do not chill with their QB, but we kick it like we are brothers. Most people from around here just do not get it, but we are like brothers."

Best Player faced: Tracey Lampley

If not Dennis Thames, who'll be Mr. Football for 2008: Khairi Usher

Game I'm most anticipating: Starkville and Ripley

Other athletes in my family: Uncle Marcus Thames (plays baseball for Detroit Tigers)

Favorite college team growing up: LSU

Favorite college football player: Anthony Dixon

Favorite pro team growing up: Dallas Cowboys

Favorite pro football player: Terrell Owens

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Movie:
Boys in the Hood

Favorite Video: Play Station 2

In my CD Player: Lil' Wayne

Biggest Influences: Uncle Marcus Thames

Biggest Fan: Godmother

Biggest Fear: Failure

2nd Best Sport: Baseball

First thing if I sign pro contract: Put it in the bank

Dream date: Beyonce

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